More Free Burgers From TGI Friday’s and Woody on Facebook

Remember this post from two weeks ago?  If Woody reached 500,000 fans on facebook, he and those fans would all get free burgers at TGI Friday’s.  He reached the mark and then some.  So all of us who became his fan are getting free burgers!

But if you missed out on this I’ve got good news:  Woody and TGI Friday’s are going to give all fans up to 1 million the free burgers.  He’s almost to 700,000, so don’t wait.  Fan him on Facebook now and register for your free burger HERE.

Thanks More Than Cents!

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  1. If you go to the registration page, it says you have to had registered by 5pm on 9/15 in order to receive the free burger.

  2. i joined woodys as woodys friend on facebook
    was on of the first 500,000
    i got not mention of any burger
    i took time out to add as friend

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