Free Burt’s Bees Acne Solution is Back

Sign up HERE to get a free sample of Burt’s Bees Acne Solution.  While supplies last, so get in on it while you can!

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  1. I tried the survery but it says I dont qualify for the sample at this time. Anyone else have luck?

  2. I didn’t see anything about a sample, but there was a coupon to print. I didn’t know and don’t have a printer connected to this computer :(

  3. Evidently, they are sold out on the samples already … I tried the link separately for all 4 choices, and each time it said “You don’t qualify for this”.

  4. careful with this stuff girls-my friend was selected to try it free by the bzzz agent program and her face is now having a major breakout problem! she also said it stinks, burned her face and left it red and dry! sounds like something i want to stay away from!

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