Free Cloth Feminine Pad

Party In My Pants is offering a free cloth pad. There is no purchase necessary and shipping is $3.99. If you have been considering going cloth, this is a great inexpensive way to give it a try.

Choose from:

  • Mini Liner
  • Demi Liner
  • Luxe Liner
  • Thong Liner

Grab this deal here. Thanks Healthy Life Deals!

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  1. I got one about 6 weeks ago, and they have a SUPERIOR pad!!! Love it!

  2. I am so so on my cloth pads. My favorite is from Fuzzibinz, but even that one isn’t the greatest thing ever. They absorb just fine, they just don’t stay in place. But free is a great price to try them out =)

  3. I love the sample I got last time they did a give away. I would love another but they ask it be new costumers only. Oh well, I love my cloth pads. Saving up to try the diva cup too!

  4. I don’t guess i’ve ever heard of cloth pads. Although I’m sure it’s self explanatory, could someone please explain??

  5. I Actually have that exact same one. Personally, I didn’t like it. They slide up and down and aren’t very comfy.

  6. They are reusable (washable) cloth pads used as a liner for daily use and at that ‘time’ of the month. Usually made out of flannel or cotton. Super comfortable and soft. Most sold have a snap/s or velcro type fastener to keep in place. Did I miss anything?

  7. there are also cups called instead that are not reused- if someone wanted to try them out

  8. i used cloth pads after my babies were born because the disposables hurt my stitches. mine stayed in place really well, but i dont know the brand… could look but i’m lazy!

  9. All I use is cloth pads. I get my from a place called Homestead Emporium. Super soft and so comfy. No issues with them moving around. You need to wear snug fitting panties with cloth pads though. Since we use cloth diapers, I just put them in the diaper pail and wash them with the diapers. I had to use a disposable pad a few weeks ago and it was awful, I don’t know how I ever used them before!
    I have a cup, but there’s a learning curve to it, and well, I just don’t get it! haha

  10. I was excited to see the offer for a free cloth pad. I really want to try these, but it’s not free. It’s $3.99 for shipping:( There’s no way it costs that much to mail a pad!

    I’d hate to waste four bucks on something I might not use.

  11. I am past the age of needing this, but I am quite shocked. I just wouldn’t use that for various reasons. My grandmother wanted me to use handkerchiefs like women did when she was growing up, I just couldn’t.

  12. I am a big fan of this company and have been using them for a year now. Their pads are wonderful. I find them way more comfy than plastic pads. . .plus they save money and cut down on my waste.

  13. I’ve always just used cloth diapers. I mean, one for $3.99 is a FABulous deal. Don’t get me wrong. And just as Michelle Hudson said, I throw mine in the diaper pail as well. I stitched up a few for a girlfriend of mine to make them a bit less bulky. She ADORES them. It’s funny, you know around my neck ‘o’ the woods, I keep this fact hidden from most of the people I know. Due to the fact I think they’d be absolutely horrified to hear of something so disgusting. I am NOT from a green part of the World. (I mean, “South Cackalacky” is hardly a breastfeeding friendly state, let alone a washable feminine pad one!) So when I hear of people doing things the same as myself I simply MUST drop a note and say “Hello” to all my Earthly Peoples! And hey, just while we’re being all open and honest here; I use the liners that came with my cloth diapers for reusable/washable toilet paper (for peepers, not making stinkies, mind you). *rolls my eyes at ridiculous word usage* They go right alongside diapers and feminine pads in the pail too. Ok, my rogue enviromental confessional is over.
    I bid you all farewell this fine evening.
    Until the next time we may meet…
    Take care, be good and tread lightly.period

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