Free Coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts Every Monday in March

Update: It seems that MANY stores are choosing not to participate in this event.  Call to check if yours is. While you are at it, you might want to call corporate and ask them why they are running a big promotion with so few stores participating.

Come in every Monday in March to Dunkin’ Donuts and get a FREE brewed medium hot or iced coffee.  See more details and find a location near you HERE.

Thanks Saving Addiction!

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  1. Can you get this through the drive through or do you have to go in?

  2. Has anyone had any luck getting this I was turned down and my friend in another state said they looked at her like she was crazy when she asked about it.

  3. Mine isn’t offering this. I had to pay 2.40 for a medium iced. :(

  4. I live in Sharpsville, PA and none of our local ones here or boarding state OH have this deal. :(

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