Free Easy Holiday Hosting Planner

Check out this free and easy holiday hosting planner I created for you my awesome readers. When I’m hosting for the holidays, the only way I can stay sane is with some planning. Hope you enjoy using it!

Even if you haven’t planned at all for next week, there’s still time. Or if you are hosting for Christmas or Hanukkah this year, now is the time to plan ahead!

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  1. I like to choose which dishes/recipes I will be using and make my shopping list. Then I make a game plan of what I can make ahead of time to freeze, store, etc. So then the day of the dinner I’m not rushing around trying to make multiple dishes at once. I usually start my cleaning a week in advance and go through and clean 1-2 rooms a day from top to bottom. Then right before the holiday I just have to pick up a few things and vacuum and I’ve cleaned a little bit at a time instead of staying up late to finishing cleaning.

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