Free Full-Sized Boiron Homeopathics For Bloggers

I am so excited about this one, because I love and use these products every year!  Homeopathics are actually my secret love, and I have tons of books and studies on the subject.  Boiron is a great brand, so I am excited about these freebies:

Children’s Oscillococcinum®
Children’s Coldcalm Pellets®

Children’s Chestal®

The only requirement for this freebie is that you are a mom with an active blog who lives in the United States.  Sign up HERE, and they will send you your own unique redemption link to send for your free products. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Be sure to also print a $1/1 coupon HERE.

Thanks This Side of Eternity!

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  1. There is also a Walgreens coupon for $1 off in their Healthy Savings booklet good until 12/31/09. :)

  2. I just received this in the mail!! It’s wonderful! My husband took the bottle out of my hand and said,”Do you know how many people came into the pharmacy today looking for this stuff?” It made me feel good that I had gotten a whole box of full-sized samples from this company FOR FREE!! Thanks a million Crystal!

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