Free Workout Towel and Hair Tie from Aerie Today 5/21

Aerie is giving out free towels and hair ties when you bring in your May copy of Seventeen Magazine today (5/21).

Go HERE for locations. I recommend calling ahead to make sure that you location is participating.  This is something that is going on every Thursday in May.

Thanks Free Sample Freak!

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  1. As a a-list mailing list card member, I received that towel with the hair thingy around it. It’s really nice… dark blue with the aerie logo in lime green. Hair thingy is those white rubber band wrapped ties but it has the metal in it and not good for you hair. So far, my Thurs gifts have been a par of panties and a duo shade lip gloss. Love the freebies and can’t wait to see what’s next month.

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