Natural and Thrifty in 365: #42 Trade Items on Freecycle

A great way to get rid of things you are no longer using and find things that you are in need of is to join your local Freecycle Group. This is a website that allows you to give away things you no longer need, and hopefully find some good items in return.

Through Freecycle I was able to get my beloved sewing machine, and it has worked very well for me. I have also been able to get rid of things that were just sitting around cluttering up my house. If you are in the mood to declutter, consider “paying it forward” and giving away your items on Freecyle. This is a great way to recycle used items, and save money!

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  1. Free cycle is amazing! Our family had to move to Seattle very unexpected and had to leave most of our belongings in West Virginia. Our house has been furnished through free cycle, and Value Village. Some of the many wonderful items that were either in great shape or brand new; cuisanart, chair with ottoman, beds for the kids and my latest gifts were 4 lap quilts for my children and dehydrator that had never been opened!
    Free cycle is an excellent way to pass on clothes the kiddo’s have outgrown, extra veggies and fruit from your garden and just about anything. I like free cycle so much more than craigslist! Just my 2 cents worth.
    May your table always bountiful~Blair

  2. Yes! i have been involved for about 4 years. Love it!!! Great for cleaning out the house and garage and feeling good about it. 😉 Freecycling in Illinois!!! Yeah baby!! 😉

  3. I love Freecycle. I have both given and received. Much better to share than to throw away, when people are in need.

  4. I love to giveaway on freecycle only prob is we have some people that will just take whatever because they are trying to resell it…..thats annoying

  5. Have used it for years. And yeah, resellers are a problem. Just depends on your motivation, though. If you just want something gone, resellers shouldn’t bother you. If you’re on there to try to help those in need, then they’re annoying. Either way, though, Freecycle is a good way to get something out of your path quickly, or find something you have a hard time finding elsewhere.

  6. I recently was able to get 20 cloth diapers for my son. Now that has been a Huge savings! The lady was so happy to pass them on to me, it was so nice.

  7. best two things I have ever received was aflat screen computer monitor and a playset

  8. Have been on Freecycle for years—right now on 4 groups—but I’m in a very large city so that isn’t unusual. I give away stuff almost weekly. Good stuff that I no longer want, but too good just to throw away–also have learned lots of stuff. Because of Freecycle, I have learned a super hobby, that has reaped me quite a bit of money because of Freecycle.

  9. yes its awesome. the resellers are a problem yes. They track the site 24 hours a day and get the offers before people who need it:(. I have had some success with posting wanted items. That way they also know it will go for someone who needs it. but then again the resellers are probrally doing that too:(.

  10. Personally, with the economy the way it is, I do not care about people reselling my items. At least they are earning the money legitimately versus trying to rob my house. There is a need when one resells. They might be trying to keep a roof over their head or feed their family so have at it. I’m just saying. 😉

  11. most of the resellers on mine have been doing this for years (i have been on the site for a long long time) they are rude pushy and they just take take take…..I have no problem with someone needing to resell stuff but I can know for a fact most of these people do it cause they are greedy…..

  12. and its not all of them on my group there is five in particular that are just somethin else and two of them we have been warned about…….they have been cruising by peoples houses they have picked up from before and things have gone missing :(

  13. I love freecycle. I have gotten several great things including a great dish set and booster seat! We have also been able to give away a few things. It’s a wonderful idea. Although I have to wonder about the half empty bottles of soda or milk…Ew.

  14. I’m the owner of the Cartersville GA Freecycele and this organization is awesome. Resellers are a problem everywhere but it is up to the Mods to help control this. Or at least it works on our group for the most part..

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