Natural and Thrifty in 365: #337 Freeze Yogurt for Smoothies

I bought some plain Greek yogurt this week on clearance.  It’s my favorite brand, and it was priced at half as much as I pay for it at Costco.  Well, the only problem was it expired in soon.  After deciding not to eat 2 quarts in as many days, I decided to freeze it in my ice cube trays to preserve it for later recipes.  It worked great.  After they were solid I transferred them to a freezer bag and labeled it.

As it turns out, I am not the first person to be struck with this brilliant idea.  Check out this idea for freezing yogurt for make ahead smoothie packs.  If you’ve ever seen the prices on those retail smoothie packets, you’ll know this is a real money saver.

Photo courtesy of Tidy Nest.

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  1. My only thought is that I have heard that freezing yogurt kills the cultures that make it so healthy. Otherwise, this would be a wonderful way to preserve fresh yogurt.

  2. Online research looks like while it may kill off a few strands, most will survive! Freeze on!

  3. I’ve made icepops using marked down yogurt with fruit that’s too soft. Even better if your store marks down old looking fruit. I usually blend equal amounts of yogurt and fruit, and put in icepop molds to freeze.

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