Frugal Friday – Rusty Kitchen

Okay it’s Frugal Friday (I’m a cheese ball I know), and I’ve got a tip for you.

Did you know that you can clean rust off of stainless steel with some baking soda and lemon juice? No need to buy a special chemical ridden bottle of CLR. We have hard water, and I am always dealing with rust on my pots and utensils. I keep a box of baking soda on hand, and some lemon juice. Just put a little bit of baking soda on the spot, add some lemon juice, and then gently rub with a cloth. Works like a charm!

Saves you money and is better for your home! And the ingredients are safe if accidentally swallowed by a little one.

“When life hands you a lemon, just add baking soda” ~ By me


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  1. I had fun yesterday cleaning naturally! My diaper pail was a little funky, with something (I think it was old dryer lint) was stuck in the bottom. I didn#39;t want to use anything harse, so I looked around and found some Armamp;Hammer Cat Bos deotorizer. Sprinkled it, let it sit, then added some vinager! BUBBLED and fizzed, rinsed and no more gunk in diaper pail!BR/I know that was OT, but I had to share it with someone!

  2. Thanks for sharing!! I do that all the time. Baking Soda and Vinegar are my staples when it comes to cleaning anything. They are cheap and work great! It’s fun to whatch the fizz too!!!

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