FuzziBunz Reusable Feminine Pads for 40% Off

Today on Eco Baby Buys, you can get 40% off on FuzziBunz Reusable Feminine Pads HERE.  This makes it just $9.60-$12 each for these pads, which is a steal. This is especially so if you have been waiting on a deal for these.

I still prefer my Diva, but this is definitely a deal if you want some pads for added protection.

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  1. @ Julia I used to be that way of thinking and then I tried them…. I personally think it feels SO good to not have the plastic and chemicals down there. Just my opinion.

  2. Oh, I hear ya. really it is no different if you don’t catch it before it gets here (if you know what i mean) or leak. I guess I was against cloth diapers too but once I got over the ewww gross part, that is all we use. Personal preference :) Not trying to get a run going or bash you in anyway, I just thought I would throw that in there. No need to apologize!

  3. @Julie this is really no different than using cloth diapers, which thousands of parents use every day.

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