Get 3 individual CVS Diapers for $15 Shipped!


Just thought it was a little humorous, and had to share. Right now on Ebay, get 3 individual CVS Brand diapers size 3 for a starting bid of $5. Shipping is ONLY $10! Wow, what a deal (sarcasm intended).

Now if you DO want a deal on some CVS diapers, go HERE (this IS the deal).

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  1. ROFL .. that’s just crazy!!!! ummm .. who’d buy that??? disposable diapers in ‘good condition’!? again … crazy!

  2. Ha ha ha – I wondered if there was a typo there. I can’t imagine anyone bidding on this. It’s amazing that someone paid the listing fee for this one.

  3. At first I thought it was 3 packages which would be an okay deal- thanks for the WARNING- THIS IS NOT A DEAL! Ha ha.

  4. I wonder if they can be reported for excessive shipping charges? (not that the diapers are a deal, lol)…but how could they even begin to justify charging $10 to ship 3 disposables??? People are nutty…

  5. the economy is tight. I had these leftover and didn’t want them to go to waste… =(

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