Get a Free Digital Photo Frame Clock

Circuit City has a deal going where you can get this Digital Photo Frame clock for FREE! More details HERE.

Wouldn’t this make a nice little gift for someone?

  1. I would be very careful about rebates from circuit city seeing as alot of them are going out of business.

  2. There is another option of a caribiner photo frame. Same price, same rebate. You may only purchase 1 or the other. Choose option that you want to see the rebate form to double check the item number. I chose the 1 that was available in my store. Thanks for this. I have a 10 year old electronic gadget lover ! Great additional gift :)

  3. They don’t ship to store but can only find out which store carries it.BR/BR/Thanks for the tip though!BR/BR/Ann

  4. I agree with first poster about getting rebates from Circuit City since they are going out of business.

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