Ginger Lemonade Wheat Grass Juice Recipe

ginger lemonade wheat grass juice

I love the health benefits of wheat grass, but I absolutely can’t stand the taste. I have a really hard time taking wheat grass shots because, frankly, they taste terrible. That’s why I love this ginger lemonade wheat grass juice recipe. I get the benefits, without the awful taste. The ginger and the lemonade mask the wheat grass taste, and it becomes a refreshing juice recipe instead.

If you are buying wheat grass for this recipe, you know it can be expensive. I recommend getting the big bag for a better price at Whole Foods Market, or look for some at a local healthy grocery store in your area. If you can’t find wheat grass, swiss chard substitutes nicely in this recipe and makes it a little cheaper to make. Here’s how to make it:


Do you have any great wheat grass juice recipes that you like? Would you do anything different with this recipe? Let me know about it! And be sure to check out all the other juicing recipes.

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