Want to Go Green and Be Healthier in 7 Weeks?

I’m so excited to announce that my new ebook, Not Your Mama’s Crunchy Granola! – 7 Weeks to a Healthier Lifestyle is finally out! If you’ve been wanting to eat healthier, live better and go a little green, this book is for you.

One of my biggest passions is to help others live healthier. But so many people feel like they can’t do this AND save money. But I want you to know that you can! If you’re looking to add a little bit of crunchiness into your life, learn some new recipes, and get practical weekly action steps that you can take to change your life, then get this ebook!

About this Ebook

Going green and having a little crunchy granola in your life doesn’t mean going unshaven and dressing in hemp! If you want to go green and do it without lots of additional stress, improve your health and the health of those you love, then this 7 week journey to healthier living is the key.

Limited- Time Coupon Code

The regular price on this ebook will be $9.99. But right now I have it on sale for just $5. That’s $5 you will spend and make practical, positive changes in just seven weeks.

But, as a special right now with my launch, you can get the ebook for just $2.99 when you use coupon code GETCRUNCHY. This coupon code is valid until 9pm ET, September 26, 2011. So get it now!

Free Bonuses

BONUS 1: Receive a free PRINTABLE RECIPES DOC for easy printing of all recipes from the ebook. It comes with 7 pages of printable recipes for healthy meals, homemade cleaners and beauty products.

BONUS 2: Receive the free printable ACTION GUIDE for easy printing. This guide will help you take what you learn each week, and turn it into simple steps that you can take each week to make a change for healthier living.

BONUS 3: Free membership to the Natural and Thrifty Weekly Guide. This weekly guide is peppered with practical, natural and economical ideas to ensure that what you eat, what you put on your body and what you surround yourself with are the very best for your well-being. You will get exclusive content, a chance to interact with me one-on-one and unique specials and coupon codes.

Find out more about Not Your Mama’s Crunchy Granola! – 7 Weeks to a Healthier Lifestyle, or you can also find it in The Thrifty Mama online store where I will be featuring other products that I release.

P.S. If you get my ebook and decide that you absolutely love it, then sign-up for my affiliate program so that you can promote it to your friends online (share on Facebook, Forums, Blogs and more!). I will share 25% with you of all sales that go through your link. Sign-up for my affiliate program today!

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  1. wait. hairy legs and patchouili dont make me green? lol. Thanks for the constant attention to healthier products, we’ve discovered alot of great healthy stuff from your blog! (oh. and I do shave my legs btw and patchouli = ick)

  2. I’ve never read a e-book, but going to get this one because I love your blog. It has helped me be just a little crunchier :)

  3. Read it in one sitting and went back for more. Printed the aids and filled them out already. Even making a daily schedule for myself :)

  4. I’m writing a post about you in a few days and promoting it on my site! Let me know if I can every help you! Have you ever seen my blog?

  5. It won’t let me attach a link… I have come up with a series called cooking with compost that I am pretty excited about!

  6. No problem!!! PLEASE :) Thank you! I have been laying low because I just had it remade but now it’s professional and I’m ready to come play with the big girls hopefully! :)

  7. Oh thank you! So nice to “meet” you here on Facebook. I’m looking forward to following your blog. Adding it to my reader now.

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