Green Reboot Juice Recipe

green reboot juice recipe


There’s nothing I like better than a green juice, especially if I’ve spent a couple of days eating less than healthy meals. If I’ve recently been on a trip or experienced the engorgement that comes with a holiday weekend, I usually head for a green reboot as soon as I’m able to.

With so many good greens packed into a drink along with the lemon and ginger, my body will usually go into a quick and speedy cleanse/detox within a few hours of drinking. I love this Green Reboot for this reason, and for the fact that it tastes really yummy!


This comes out such a beautiful green color, doesn’t it? I love garnishing with a little cilantro or fennel if I have it on hand from the herb garden.

If you haven’t tried using swiss chard in your juices yet, I highly recommend going for it! It’s a lot less harsh and mild than kale is, and is packed with a ton more nutrients than kale. Kale known as the new beef? Fuggetaboutit! I’m a swiss chard fan all the way baby!

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Did you try this juice? How did you like it? Do you have a similar recipe that you like/recommend?

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