From The Ground Up Week 3 Scenario (CVS)

We’re building up our Extra Bucks from the Ground Up.  We’re on week three now, and you can see the past two installments of this series HERE and HERE.

If you are just starting, here are two transactions for you to get a feel for how the system works:

Transaction 1:
Buy Bayer Aspirin Quick Release Crystals 4 ct $2
Spend $2 + tax
Earn 2 Extra Bucks

Transaction 2:
Buy Edge Infused Comfort or Hydrate Shave Gel $2.89
Use 2 Extra Bucks from previous transaction
=.89 cents + tax Out of Pocket, Earn $2.89 Extra Bucks.

Scenarios for the rest of us Week 3:

We should all have approximately $7.68 in Extra Bucks to use.

Regarding the CVS Beauty coupon:  I have received word that this coupon is meant for everyone to use and is legitimate.  Check it out HERE (coupon expires Sunday).

Here are some scenarios.  Pick and choose what you would like to do depending on which products you are interested in.  I really want the Natural Dentist stuff, so that is why I am doing my transactions this way.

Transaction 1

Buy 1 Natural Dentist $6.99 
Buy 1 Edge Infused Comfort or Hydrate Shave Gel $2.89
Use $7.68 ECBs
Use 1 $2/1 Natural Dentist Printable HERE
=0.20 cents + tax Out of Pocket Earn 4 and 2.89 in ECBs

Transaction 2

Buy 6 Tresseme Products = $20
Use $4/20 CVS Beauty Coupon
Use 6.89 in Extra Bucks
Use 6 $1/1 Printables HERE
= $3.11 + tax Out of Pocket, Earn $10 in Extra Bucks

Transaction 3

Buy 1 Natural Dentist $6.99
Buy 1 Bayer Aspirin Quick Release Crystals 4 ct $2
Buy 2 Crest Pro Health Toothpaste 4.2oz, Rinse 250ml,Oral B Floss 27-55 yds or Super Floss 50ct $2.88
Use $10 ECBs
Use $2/1 Natural Dentist Coupon HERE
Use 2 .75/1 Crest Coupons from the 4/5 PG insert
= $1.25 plus tax out of pocket, Earn  $10 ECBs.

Then submit for the $10 Natural Dentist rebate HERE for buying 2 – Save Your Receipts! (They are beginning to pull the rebate from the internet, so print yours now if you plan to do this deal at all this month).

Total Cost for this shopping trip: $4.56

Total Extra Bucks to spend: $10

Rebate we will receive: $10

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  1. do you really get the rebate back? i’ve always been told you’re lucky if you get it back?


    The Thrifty Mama here: Be sure to make a copy of all the things you send in for the rebate so that you have proof should a stipulation arise. I normally always get my rebates back.

  2. where do i look for coupon? just went to and typed in cvs beauty coupon in the search place. nothing came up. sorry to have so many comments. i think you’re just too cool!

  3. Hello, I am still learning so be patient with me. ..
    I just wanted to see if transaction 2 would work out if I have no $4/20 coupon BUT I have 3.99 ECB from last week??? Thanks for your help!

  4. Kristi – That sounds like it would work. But remember I’ve already calculated 6.89 extra bucks in that scenario. So you may be looking at a little more out of pocket if you don’t use the $4/20 coupon.

  5. Hi! Awesome deals, thanks.
    Question about the tresseme coupon CVS: only half of it prints out: the coupon is too big. When I resize it, the fine print with the info on where to send the coupon (a store will need it) does not appear. Do you know how I can print it with all the info there?

  6. If you’re having problems with the Tresemme coupon, right click on the image and copy it. Then paste it into another program like Publisher or Word. Those programs allow you to adjust the placement of the picture. I was able to print two on one page with no problems using Publisher.

  7. I used the Tresemme coupons today and had no trouble at all. Mine did not print out all the way either but the offer code is all she needed. She just hand keyed that because it would not scan. It works!

  8. In transaction 2, how do you use 6 tresemme coupons + beauty coupon + ECB? Don’t you have to have more items to purchase than coupons?

    The Thrifty Mama here: No you do not. The registers at CVS do not have issues with this. It is only Walgreens and Publix that you have to worry about that.

  9. I did transaction 1 and transaction 2 last night. Both worked beautifully. I couldn’t do # 3 because there was only one bottle natural dentist left. I did want to add one tidbit of I might…. Last week there was a coupon printing on the card scanner for save $1 off of Absolutely Divine Cookies & last week they were $2.49 per box.. last night they were clearanced down to $1, so with the coupon I got them free. I don’t know if this is everywhere or just my area, but it is a great snack to have on hand.. they had tons of flavors. Thanks again for all you do to keep us saving money!

  10. oh and 2 more thing.. I did the 6 bttles of tresemme and my receipt still showed I could do it once more…. so I will most likely do that again today as I got a $/$$ of coupon off the card scanner last night.

  11. on the display stand where the bayer was @ my store, they had a $1 off coupon, so I made out good on that deal, paid $1 got $2 in ECB’s. Also got a $5 off of $15 purchase of Tresemme, so I could stack it since the other coupon has expired… dont forget to scan your card!

  12. ok so I am excited because the treseme deal is good for next week too, spend $10 get $5 back. I will definitely be using the coupon again as it doesn’t expire until June… so FYI get ready for another week of tresemme products. I am considering doing a basket o goodies for my mom for mothers’ day… including a skin revitalizer I only paid $.25 for this week :)

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