Groupon Deals: ShoeBuy, Nutty Guys & More


After doing your latest workout routine without the proper foot attire (bad!), you’ve decided it’s best to grab the Groupon deal for  To add in good carbs and protein into your diet, you’re also going to snatch up the Nutty Guys deals.  That price really can’t beat on organic fruits and nuts.  And to say you’re sorry to your husband for all the time you are spending away from him working out, you’ll get him one of those crazy monster fortune cookies, because what guy wouldn’t like a gift like that?  He’ll think it’s so cool that he’ll forget all about you and your workout routines, and invite all his friends over to see the gigantic fortune cookie…..wait…okay, you decide to skip the Giant Fortune Cookie deal…

Here are the online Groupon deals for September 14, 2010 that anyone can get despite which city you live in.  Thanks to Mrs. Moneysaver for rounding up the deals for us:

  • Fancy Fortune Cookies: $15 for $35 Worth of Wise Desserts at Fancy Fortune Cookies. Found under Fort Wayne.
  • The Green Garmento: $10 for Two Green Garmento Reusable Dry-Cleaning Bags ($19.98 value). Side deal under Orange County and San Diego.
  • Nutty Guys: $10 for $25 Worth of Nuts, Dried Fruit, and More from Nutty Guys. Found under Pittsburg and side deal under Washington DC. They have organic fruits and nuts as well, so this is an excellent deal.
  • $20 for $40 Worth of Shoes, Apparel, and More from Found under Lincoln, Memphis and Sioux Falls. Remember that they are still offering 10% off + Free Shipping.
  • Talbott Teas: $10 for $25 Worth of Teas and More from Talbott Teas. Side deal under New York.
  • Tea District: $12 for $25 Worth of Premium Teas and Fashionable Accessories from Tea District. Found under Boise.
  • Wine Insiders: $25 for $75 Worth of Wine from Wine Insiders’ Online Store. Found under Fort Lauderdale.
  • Zazzle: $25 for $50 Worth of Customizable Gifts from Side deal under San Jose. Great way to save on stamps and custom gifts.

To grab these deals, visit Groupon HERE and look under the appropriate city.  If you’re not interested in any of these deals, be sure to check the daily deal in your city.

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