Harris Teeter Triple Coupons Starting 9/16

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Harris Teeter is having their triple coupons event again, and it starts tomorrow!    Coupons that are .99 or less will be tripled and there is a limit of 20 tripled coupons per household, per day.  With coupon matches there are 30+ freebies!

Check out some awesome coupon matches HERE and HERE.

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  1. Harris Teeter informed me the other day that when they double or triple a coupon that is $/2, it(the coupon) will only go up to the 1st product price,So if you have a .75/2 coupon and you buy 2 items that will ring up at 1.00 each, it will only double/triple up to 1.00.Unlike before when it actually went up to the purchase price of both items.
    They lost ALOT of $$ from the last triples, so they changed the rules a bit.***This is coming from Charleston,SC

  2. Triple coupon up to face value 99 cents.

    If you have a coupon for $1 or more, they are not tripling.

    If you have a coupon for 75 cents, they will triple to $2.25

    Looks like they have changed the policy?

    This is coming from store in Durham, NC.

  3. How do u know when Harris teeter is tripling coupons? Also I heard they will double a coupon every day is that true?

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