Hearty and Healthy Homemade Naan Recipe

Hearty and Healthy Homemade Naan Recipe Main

Naan is a flat bread that has become our go-to bread in this house.  We’re sharing our tried and true homemade naan recipe with you in hopes that you can enjoy this easy and delightful dish with your family.


This recipe really is a family affair.  The kids love to help me make the dough.  But what they look forward to the most is rolling out the balls and watching them puff up while cooking.

We serve naan with hummus and olives.  My oldest son loves to make homemade naan pizza by topping the cooked naan with olive oil, cheese, and olives and melting the cheese in the oven for a few minutes.  You could also leave out the garlic from the recipe and top the naan with cinnamon and honey for a fancy dessert.  Such a simple and delicious treat!

 Hearty and Healthy Homemade Naan Recipe Main

Try this other delicious naan recipe that uses only four ingredients!

Please leave a comment and share your secret to amazing homemade naan.

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