High Value $1.50 Fresh Express Salad Coupon

Fresh Express has released a $1.50 coupon that is good on their new line of Artisanal Salads.  The coupon is a PDF, which means there is no print limit, and the coupon doesn’t expire until 12/31/10.  That leaves us plenty of time to use these coupons.  Go HERE and look on the bottom right for a link to the coupon.

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  1. this salad is on sale b1g1 at safeway in nor cal right now-so ended up .30 for both bags!

  2. Does anyone have this PDF saved that they could send to me? I can’t get the page to load anymore, and I’d like to get more of these salads! TIA :)

  3. Same here…I can’t find the link to the PDF file…
    If someone infact is able to forward, I would greatly appreciate it.


  4. Does anyone have the pdf file for Fresh Express I sure would appreciate a copy.

  5. I have a Fresh Express salad every day for lunch and I like it so much. A coupon for it would help me a lot because I buy them so much.

  6. The store locator said that these are only sold in the 90000 zipcodes :( I’ve never seen them in Greenville, SC…

  7. I just got the $1.00 coupon. Not the $1.50. But with it being a PDF I shall not complain:)

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