Homemade Apple Juice

homemade apple juice

Wondering how to make homemade apple juice? It’s very easy to do, and all you need is a juicer and a container to store your apple juice.

Last Friday I picked up two bushels of apples from a local apple farmer. I got an amazing deal by purchasing their overripe apples. It cost me $35 per bushel, which comes out to less than $1 per pound of local, semi-organic apples.  We’ve been making everything from crock pot apple butter, chicken apple salad sandwiches, dried apples, apple juice and this is only the beginning. Next I’ll be slicing these up and freezing apples.

2 bushels of apples

Here’s how to make homemade apple juice.


  • Whole Apples


Apple juice

In a juicer, make your apple juice by slicing your apples to fit into the top opening, and let the juicer do it’s magic (make sure you follow the directions that come with your juicer). Be sure to have a container to catch the pulp, and another one to catch the juice. The pulp can be composted.

This is my awesome JuiceMan juicer that I picked up at an auction for $5.

Homemade apple juice

After making your juice you can drink it, store it in the refrigerator, can it or even freeze it. It should be good in the refrigerator for at least two weeks.

This juice is so sweet, that we actually have to mix it with half water to drink it. It’s delicious, healthy and so inexpensive to make!

Have you made your own homemade apple juice? How do you perserve it or store it? And be sure to check out the rest of my juicing recipes

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  1. Were the apples organic? I was just curious as we get our apples (its an amish farmer who grows without chemicals but isn’t certified organic) for $14 to $16 a bushel and $10 to $12 for his 2nds.

    Your juice looks GORGEOUS! We are down to our last bushel which will be put up into sauce as my crew has already eaten 1/2 a bushel worth of sauce. Next year we are buying more!

  2. I wish I had a juicer! We don’t drink much juice but would if we could make fresh juice. I just froze enough apples for 3 baked apple dishes for the holidays following your instructions. 🙂

  3. I just remembered something we used to do when we shared a juicer with a friend. Instead of composting all of our apple and carrot pulp we froze it in 1 to 2 cup batches to use in quick breads such as carrot bread or apple spice cake. It worked great and was a way to get even more bang for the buck! Oh I always made sure to core my apples before juicing them for this very reason.

  4. I just finished a juicing fast and have about 20 apples. Husband suggested making apple pie, but it only uses a 1/2 dozen or so. I was thinking if I juiced the apples, I could make apple butter, apple sauce and apple juice. Using both the juice and the pulp and maybe a crockpot! I also love the idea of the apple pulp being used in baking. I used to use jarred apple sauce for all my baking that asked for oil! I better get busy!

  5. Just wondering if you can do this and then add sugar and lemon juice then boil on low heat to create a cordial which may last longer? I can’t be bothered using jelly bags and endless straining today so wondering if this might be a lazy option….any thoughts as to if it may work?

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