Homemade Cool Whip

Who doesn’t love a dollop of cool whip on pumpkin pie?  It’s also a favorite added onto hot chocolate, lattes and other great holiday drinks.  Unfortunately, the brands sold in the store are packed with harmful chemicals and sweeteners not beneficial to the human diet.

That’s why I wanted to share with you a really quick, easy and healthful recipe for homemade whipped topping, otherwise known to a lot of people as cool whip.

Homemade Cool Whip 1



In a mixing bowl, pour in the milk and vanilla.  Turn on the mixer to a low to medium speed and slowly add in the dry ingredients.  You want to make sure that they don’t clump, so don’t just drop it all in there at once.  Once everything has mixed well for a minute or two, turn up the mixer to a medium to high speed.  Do this for about 6-8 minutes or until you have a nice whipped and thick consistency.  Serve with pumpkin pie and enjoy!

Homemade Cool Whip 2

Homemade Cool Whip 3

If you find that your cool whip isn’t sweet enough, don’t be afraid to add in a little more sweetener.

Optional add ons for nice holiday flavors:

  • 1/2 tsp of pumpkin pie spice
  • 1/2 tsp of cacao powder
  • 1/2 tsp of cinnamon

Or you can do smaller amounts of all three into your batch.  Want a little kick?  Try  a few pinches of chili powder with your cacao and add a dollop of  the whipped topping onto your homemade hot chocolate.

For those that are wondering, I tried this recipe using some alternatives like arrowroot powder and potato starch, and it never turned out.  Best bet is to find some cheap Xanthan Gum.  This can be found at health food stores or online.

This recipe is part of the Have a Healthy Holiday Event.  Be sure to check out the recipes on the other seven blogs and RSVP for Wednesday’s Twitter Party.


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    • It does get a little flat, but will go right back if you just whip it up real quick 🙂 I should have added that to my post.

    • Real whipped cream doesn’t separate if you add a little cream of tartar to it.

      • Joey, that is a great tip!! I have a bunch of cream of tarter on hand so, thanks!

  1. hello! Thanks for the recipe. I have also made a similar type “cool whip” with just heavy whipping cream and powdered sugar (both organic of course) You just whip it, or beat it until stiff peaks begin to form…if you pull up on the mixer and it sort of stands on it’s own, you don’t need to mix anymore! After that, it goes flat, and has a weird texture 😉

    • The reason why it goes flat and has a weird texture is because you’ve made butter and butter milk. It’s all about how long you mix it.

  2. I have been making it this way for a while and I love it. Well, I use regular suger, but it does work great. I agree you need the xanthan gum to make it work, but it only takes a little bit so the actual cost is not that bad and is so much better for you than the kind of cook whip that you buy.

  3. Ohhhh, you have MADE my day! I can’t wait to get home from this rainy, windy day to a cup of Cocoa with this on top. Thanks so much!

  4. I’m curious if you could use this in recipes that call for Cool Whip…Does it go flat in a recipe like whipped cream would, or stay more firm like Cool Whip?

  5. You can do this with whole milk? I didn’t know that! I thought you had to use cream, which I never have on hand. Now I just need to find some Xanthum Gum to keep on hand so I can make it whenever I need it. ; ) Thanks!

  6. I wonder if you could fancy up this recipe to make a whip cream frosting? I haven’t found a recipe that duplicates the grocery store’s version, it is so good!

  7. I used guar gum for this and I don’t like the taste of it. Does anybody else think that this has a icky taste to it? Any tips on how to cover the taste of it? I love the idea of making it at any time just using the guar gum, milk, vanilla and sweetner, but I can hardly eat it.

  8. Please don’t call any Harvard scientists on me, but I’m pretty sure the reason you need the gum in this is BECAUSE it uses whole milk instead of heavy cream. The reason why heavy cream forms a stabilized foam is BECAUSE it is heavy. I think you could do the same thing with even skim milk if you used enough gum, which absorbs some of the liquid as you are whipping the whole thing.

  9. I’m so glad I found this recipe! I just made it with skim milk and blue agave nectar, and it turned out great. Definitely a little foamier than cool whip (unless I should have mixed it longer), but still a tasty, much healthier substitute!

  10. I cannot wait to try this! @Julie – what else do you use Xanthum gum for? I’ve heard of it, but never have used it!

  11. This is a neat recipe. I tried it using glucomannan powder as a thickener instead, and stevia as the sweetener. It turned out quite well. I think whipping the mixture again after about 30 minutes (in the fridge) is helpful too.

    Another point: Just adding some sweetener to sour cream is a good substitute for whipped cream as well–and a lot easier. 🙂

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