Natural and Thrifty in 365: #39 Homemade Playdough

Playdough is one of those things that is a blast to play with, but it can be filled with harmful toxins that I don’t really want my kids playing with. To make your own playdough, you just need the following ingredients: flour, salt, cream of tartar, and cooking oil. Then if you want to color your playdough, you can do so naturally with things like strawberries, rose petals, blueberries and more.

Find out how you can make your own playdough and naturally dye it here. Do you make your own playdough for your kids?

Photo courtesy of MinieCo.

Natural & Thrifty in 365 is a year-long series of 365 tips for living more green, natural and healthy while saving money. Do you have a natural and thrifty tip that you would like to share with The Thrifty Mama readers? Contact me here and let me know about it. You just might get featured as one of the 365 tips!

  1. I love homemade playdough. When I was a teacher years ago, I would color it with Koolaid packets (usually grape). It would smell soooooo good.

    I love these ideas of how to dye it with natural items. Can’t wait to try it!

    Tip: Keep your homemade playdough in the fridge for it to last longer.

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