Homemade Toothpaste

These days toothpastes are ridden with so many toxic chemicals, and yet we continue to put them in our mouths day after day. That’s why having a good homemade alternative is not only economical, but a great way to go more green in the bathroom and in our mouths!

Tammy’s Recipes has a great homemade toothpaste recipe that I use. But, instead of Stevia as a sweetener, I prefer to use Xylitol as it is good for the teeth. I’m still unsure as to how good Stevia is for the teeth.

If you have Xylitol, Baking Soda, Coconut Oil and Peppermint Oil, then you can make your own toothpaste.¬†Check out the homemade toothpaste recipe on Tammy’s Recipes here.

Photo courtesy of Tammy’s Recipes.

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  1. We do- ours is very simple, though- baking soda, combination of lime and mint oils. Our teeth have never been prettier!

  2. I have! I loved my organic mint toothpaste until my dentist told me all the baking soda was wearing away my teeth? (I have sensitive teeth to start with) They said I can alternate it with a sensitive natural toothpaste like Tom’s and that would be fine. I originally did it to avoid all additives they through in the commercial toothpastes.

  3. Boy was this timely. I had been using Sensodyne and ran out. Went to store and bought more. I immediately developed a rash around my mouth from it. I used to get this from other toothpastes as well but never could figure out the culprit ingredient. I then realized I bought a different formula of Sensodyne which explains why it hadn’t bothered me before.

    I found leftover Burt’s Bees in the back of the cabinet – couldn’t remember why I stopped using it? Apparently I have some sort of allergy to xylitol – have gotten sick after chewing gum w/xylitol and I got the same kind of sick yesterday – yep Burt’s Bees has xylitol. So I mixed up a concoction based on your recipe: baking soda, coconut oil, and peppermint essential oil. You saved the day! My husband thanks you! LOL!

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