Homemade Vanilla Sugar Scrub Recipe

You all know I love me some homemade sugar scrub. I’ve done several variations on my original homemade sugar scrub recipe and this is the next one I’ve tried using a whole vanilla bean and I love it! It’s perfect for diy gifts this holiday season because it’s inexpensive, easy to make, and it’s organic!

I use this sugar scrub on my skin regularly, and it leaves me so soft…I just love it! I really wouldn’t use anything else since I now make my own at home.


  • 1 vanilla bean (if you make your own homemade vanilla extract, then you should have a few of these on hand)
  • 2 cup of organic raw sugar
  • 1/2 cup of organic coconut oil
  • 2 tsp honey

This is the doubled version of my original recipe, so that I could make a whole lot more in one batch. After all, if I’m going to make some for gifts for others, I might as well make a little extra for myself to use right? :)

Tip: If you are looking for a good deal on coconut oil, lately I’ve found that the best prices are on either Mountain Rose Herbs, Vitacost or Amazon


1. Slice your vanilla bean down the center so that the insides are exposed (that’s the good stuff!), and you can also cut it into smaller pieces so that it will fit in your jar.

2. Mix all ingredients together in a big bowl until well-blended. Your vanilla beans will just be big pieces mixed up in the sugary goodness. This part is so easy that even the kids can help with it. And I just love DIY gifts that the kids get to be a part of!

3. Store in an air-tight container for about a week, so that the vanilla goodness will seep into the sugar scrub. Note: you can use it before a week is up, but it just won’t have a very strong vanilla scent.

Now it’s time to enjoy your wonderful creation! Give as a gift or keep for yourself…’cause it’s okay to be spoiled a little bit. I use this on my entire body when I’m having a nice soak in the bath, but I especially love using it on my face and neck to keep my skin vibrant and soft.

It’s worthy to note that some people have coconut allergies, so just be aware of that before making this for someone on your gift list this year. Use your batch within 6-8 weeks, because it can spoil. To get it to last longer, keep refrigerated.

Do you make your own homemade sugar scrub and have a cool variation that you came up with? I’d love to hear about it!


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