Homeschool: Trips Abroad for Education and Family Fun

homeschool trips abroad

Recently I was approached by Jen Reyneri with the idea of taking homeschool trips abroad. She has a passion for showing people that they can afford to take trips abroad, and that these are some of the best ways to help kids learn. What better way for a child to learn Spanish, than to be thrown into the thick of hispanic culture?

Jen worked with Azul hotels to host my two children and myself in Mexico for the Ultimate Homeschool Vacation. Initially I was hesitant, as I still needed to pay for the cost of our flights and passports. But then I thought: how long are my kids going to be at this age? Can I afford for them to miss out on this opportunity? My answer was “no.”

So we took a trip to Mexico…

What are the benefits of homeschool trips abroad?

  • Immersion into another language and culture; there’s no faster way for kids AND adults to learn!
  • Educating children on the process of traveling to other countries. ie. Obtaining passports, going through customs, etc…
  • Trips abroad help children to become more aware of things going on in the world outside of our own area.

Can homeschooling abroad be affordable?

Yes, there are a couple of options for making it affordable.

  • Work with someone like the awesome Jen Reyneri. She has a passion for this very thing, and is working on making this more affordable for homeschooling families by partnering with hotels and resorts around the world.
  • Go in as a group to get better rates.
  • Got a year to plan? Make it happen with some fundraising and get the kids involved! This will even work for bigger groups.

How was our trip?

Oh I thought you’d never ask! The resort was phenomenal. The Sensatori is an all-inclusive resort, meaning that you know in advance everything that it’s going cost you. Meals, drinks…it’s all included in the cost to stay. They even had a bottle of champagne for me and custom-made cookies for the kids delivered when we arrived. Talk about service!

homeschool trips abroad the beach

The pools were gorgeous, the beach fantastic and the food was great! They even had plenty of gluten-free and vegetarian options to choose from.

The hotel sent us to Indiana Joe’s for a day where we explored ancient caves, swam in an underwater cavern, saw some amazing animals and went zip-lining through the trees (actually I opted out of the zip-lining, but the rest of our group had a blast!).

homeschool abroad in the cave

By the end of the first day, my seven-year-old was naturally and freely saying “hola,” “gracias” and “de nada.” This was when I knew that the trip had been a good idea. Traveling to Mexico was great fun AND educational. Win!

And the best part about the trip? Doing it with other homeschooling families. The kids kept saying that their favorite part was that they got to have friends on the trip. The kids all enjoyed each other so much, and it was a blast getting to chat and spend time with other homeschoolers.

homeschool trips abroad with families

Are you a homeschooler? How do you feel about traveling for the sake of education and taking homeschool trips abroad? Do you have any places that you recommend going? 

  1. Looks like a blast. What kind of rates are we talking here for a family of 4? Sounds great, but a little too good to be true for reasonable? Can you elaborate on that?

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