HOT!! Hickory Farms Now 90% Off!!

I posted about this a little while ago when everything went to 75% off. Well now Hickory Farms has a bunch of stuff that is 90%! Use coupon code clipper and you get an extra 15%!!

And don’t forget that Mr. Rebates gives 7% back!

You will have to pay shipping unless you are shipping to an APO/FPO address (free to these addresses)!

What an incredible deal! I was tempted before, but now I am really tempted.

Thanks Mercedes!

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  1. what all did you guys purchase? Does anyone know how long this will last?

  2. All Day Celebration and Hostess GB. I think we messed up and only got 15% on one item though. Oh well…

  3. I didn’t buy last time because of the shipping, but my husband was SO excited that we called my Mom over and we all placed a gigantic order. I had forgotten to get him his meat/cheese set for Christmas. This was amazing. I called customer service to make sure our order went through and to verify that the prices were legit. She said they were, but that she hadn’t found anything actually at 90% off yet. But when she does, she’s going to place her order. Everything we got was 85% off. I couldn’t believe the additional 15% off at checkout. Thank you so much for alerting us to this sale! Hubby is anxiously awaiting the doorbell from FedEx in a few day!

  4. Oh, the lady also said if we were not pleased with the dates or taste of anything we ordered, just to call back and they would replace it. I, too, wondered about freshness. BR/BR/We got a lot of the big sets, cheese crocks, and pears!

  5. Thanks Crystal! Placed an order! the coupon code “clipping” was not a good one. But I called and they said to use code 833551 and that one worked!

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