Hot! Hot! Huggies Printable Coupons!

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Run, don’t walk to where you will find some smokin’ hot coupons. I doubt they will last long either.

* $5/1 Huggies Gentle Care Product
* $3/1 Huggies Natural Fit Product

I haven’t seen high value coupons like this on Huggies products in a while.

There is going to be an awesome Register Reward promotion next week at Walgreens, so print these coupons and stay tuned! Be sure to print two of each! And hurry hurry hurry!

Thanks Mercedes!

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  1. Thank you SO MUCH for this tip. I’ve got mine in hand and am excited to use them. Thank you for letting us know about these awesome high-value coupons.
    Shannon in Indiana

  2. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! This is one of the main reasons I have switched to Huggies Natural Fit. Besides no leaks, and they fit really well, and the tabs stick really well, the coupons are plentiful!!! Can’t wait to see your deal scenario for the RR at Wags. But these would also be great at Kroger paired with a $1.50 off e-coupon from Shortcuts or Cellfire. Imagine $4.50 off a pack of premium diapers! You cannot get store brand for that price!

  3. I wonder if these can be used for the Gentle Care changing pads, or for the Gentle Care wipes? I’m stocked up on diapers, but I would really like to use these coupons.

  4. To Natalie: If you can “stack” the $5 off Gentle Care coupon with a store coupon (like a Target store coupon, or an e-coupon from Shortcuts or Cellfire on your Kroger plus card), then I would get more diapers, even if I am well stocked. That’s just my opinion, of course. I am well stocked as well. I think I have like 10 jumbos under my son’s crib. But, if I can strike a really good deal, I will get more, as long as there is space under his crib! lol!

  5. Hey, I took a closer look at the Gentle Care coupon….it states on one Huggies Gentle Care PRODUCT. I printed the coupon, even though my little guy is in size 4s. So I may see about getting wipes!

    • Hi…MelRae, Just want to ask if you have any extra print out maybe or saved. I tried and tried, can’t find it at all. only the diaper of $3. if you have and not use it will you mind to share it with me. you can email it for me at so I can use it maybe by this thursday or friday. mine is already out for my son. thank you once again.

  6. Thanks! And good idea about stacking the coupons! I’m going to use these at Ralph’s where I can stack with Shortcuts!

  7. Jenny at Southern Savers says the coupons will NOT work on wipes (unless the cashier pushes it through), based on the barcode. Check out her post on SS for the explanation.

  8. Works fine on the wipes at my grocery store. I purchased a GENTLE CARE product so why not? There are no other specifications. It did not beep or cause any issues. I was careful to read the coupon and the manager was the one ringing me. I’m not sure they have a leg to stand on if they argue the point with you. I purchased a $6.49 pack of gentle care wipes, so they ended up being $1.49.

  9. I used both coupons at Target and I was able to use the coupons on the White box (snug?) of Huggies…more diapers than in the supremes!

  10. Another great tip, stack the coupons with the $1 coupon that can be found in the walgreens pharmacy book!!!!! You can do great on diapers at WALGREENS.

  11. From my experience all of these coupon websites are a ” Wild Goose Chase ” … a real waste of time !!
    I wish these people would either get their act together or close down the websites … they are not providing any real help or service !
    Serious !!

    • Sorry you feel that way Tim. But you might want to look at the date of the post. You are commenting on a post that is a year old. If you keep track of newer posts, you will find that sites like this are definitely not a waste of time.

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