HOT!! Kohls Cash is Back + 30% Off Coupon Code!

UPDATE: It looks like the coupon code can only be used by Kohls Charge card holders. If you do this, be sure to pay that card off immediately!  Non-Kohls Charge card holders can get 20% off with coupon code TAKEOFF20.

Kohls is offering $10 in Kohls Cash for every $50 that you spend in-store or online.  Plus, they just released a HOT 30% off coupon code.

Just shop Kohls here and use coupon code GIFTGIVING to take 30% off of your entire purchase.  In order to get Kohls cash, your order needs to be over $50 after the coupon code. This make for some incredible deals:

Select Kitchen Electrics for $13.99 after coupon code!

Bumble Bee Pillow Pet for $13.99 after coupon code!

Keurig for $97.99 after coupon code!  Add a small filler to get you over $100 and you will get $20 in Kohls Cash!

KitchenAid Mixer for $163 after coupon code, plus receive $30 in Kohls Cash making it only $133!

Shipping is free on all orders of $50 or more! Shop Kohls here, or go through Ebates for 4% cash back on your orders!

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  1. When I tried to checkout with the 30% promo, it said I had to have a Kohl’s charge to use it ;(

  2. Yup. I got the same thing. You can only get the 30% off if you use a Kohl’s charge card.

  3. Sorry everyone. I could have sworn it was working for everyone. If you use your Kohls card, be sure to pay it off right away!

  4. Hmmm I might can ask a family member if they wouldn’t mind charging it for me and I’ll pay them cash.
    Does this look like it would work out like this? I really can’t spare this cash right now but really have wanted a Kitchen Aid for a while and i think this is a great price.

    $233.99 It’s on sale on Kohl’
    -70.20 30% off when you use Kohl’s Credit Card-GIFTGIVING PROMO CODE
    +14..04 Tax
    – 30.00 You get $30.00 in Kohl’s Cash
    – 20.00 Mail in rebate- on the Kohl’s website
    – 6.55 4% back through Ebates on $163.79. Amount after 30% and b4 tax.

  5. UGH! I thought this must be too good to be true but when I checked the comments earlier there was nothing but yup after spending 20 min picking out my goods I get zip because I am tooo thrifty to get another charge card. boooooo…

    Love the site Crystal and thanks for keeping us up to date on all these fab deals – but if you find out info that clarifies the original posting can you update the original posting not just the comments?

    You are amazing and save me and my family so much money! Many thanks!!!

    • Of course Laura! I’m sorry that I didn’t do that. I’ve been so behind with posts and emails that it got overlooked.

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