How I Will Keep My Family Well This Winter

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Being Thrifty and Natural is not always hard. Using more natural products to help my family stay well can actually help costs. By doing some of the following, I avoid making too many trips to the doctor, and save on prescription and gas costs.

Here are the must haves in our home:

I’m sure you’ve heard of them before. Yogurt companies have recently latched onto this idea of immunity boosting with probiotics. Unfortunately, our bodies are so depleted of probiotics from being on antibiotics, that eating yogurt isn’t enough. If you have been on antibiotics even once in your life, your body is seriously depleted of the good bacteria that it needs. Supplementing with a good probiotic is the way to go.

Children get into a cycle of having ear infections and getting sick repeatedly because they don’t have the good bacteria that their bodies need to fight infection. This is why many of you are dealing with 4+ ear infections a year. Build up your child’s immunity with some good bacteria. There are plenty of choices in this area. I purchase our probiotics from Nature’s Sunshine. It’s a good quality company, and I know I am getting the best. But, you can find Bifidophilus and Acidophilus (the actual names of pro-biotics) at almost any store and online as well. Vitacost is a good place to get them as well.

I swear by this product. It is an aged garlic that works wonders. For a long time garlic has been known for its healing and immunity-boosting properties. I use to suffer from serious bladder infections, until someone told me about this product. If you have ever had a bladder infection, you know how terrible and painful they are.

One time I started to feel a bladder infection coming on, and I took this product a couple times the first day. To my amazement I did not get sick! I supplemented with this a few more times, and I have not had another bladder infection since. Whenever I think one of us might be coming down with something, we each get a little of this, and we stay healthy! I even give it to my 7 month old. I just put the liquid on a spoon and give it to her.

Two bottles of this in the store cost over $20, but at Vitacost you can get them for $13.89.

Garlic Oil
This is specifcally to put in the ears to prevent and even during an ear infection. It’s good during the summer when the kid’s are in the pool a lot, or in the winter when they are prone to sickness. If your child has a cold or even strep, the mucus can back up into their ears. This is how ear infections start. Use this if your child has the cold, flu or strep to prevent an ear infection.

This should go without saying, but unforunately many people are not taking vitamins and supplements every day. Our diets are seriously depleted of the nutrients we need to stay healthy. That’s why it is imperitive that we take good vitamins and supplements. We get ours from Nature’s Sunshine as well. There are lots of vitamins out there, but not all are good. You want to be sure that you have a good quality supplement to take. Many companies put awful things in their vitamins to hold them together, so be careful.

This is a product most people are familiar with. If I feel something coming on, I will take one of these, and also give a little to my son. They have a kid’s one, but I just give him half of the adult size. Last week I thought I was coming down with a cold. I took one of these in the morning, and another one later in the day. I was fine, and did not get sick.

Who doesn’t like a warm cup of tea during the winter? There are lots of teas that are great for immunity boosting. You can make your own with dried herbs from a local shop, or just buy a box of tea bags form your local store. One of my favorite brands of teas is Traditional Medicinals. I use their Throat Coat to help with a cold. It is so nice on a sore throat, and has great herbs to help you get better.

They also have teas for children. I use the Nighty Night and Cold Care for my little guy. He gets it every so often during the cold months. You can find these teas at local grocery stores, or online. I got a whole bunched marked down at Kroger a few months ago. They don’t expire for another two years, and I paid less than $2 a box for them.


Keep all of these things on hand, and continue to build up your family’s immunity with them. My son will be 3 in April, and has only been seriously sick one time. And this was because I was not supplementing like I should have.

I like Vitacost the best out of any place to get products. They are cheaper than any store that I have been in, and they have 4.99 flat rate shipping. If you can combine your order with a friend or family member’s order, you both can split the cost of shipping to save even more. I also shop through Ebates when I buy from Vitacost so that I save even more money.

I believe that if you will get these few things, and properly use them to help your family, you will be well and thrive! And as an added bonus, you will save money!

What are some things that you do to help your family stay well?

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  1. I have been thinking about and wanting to find out more about natural remedies lately, but really know nothing about this type of thing. Can you give me a quick rundown on how to know which ones of the items you mentioned a family would need (we have 3 children, 6 and under–one is 10 months)? Also, things to look out for, etc? Or maybe a good website that you trust to give advice on how to use them? Thank you very much!

  2. I am of the opinion that the absolute need is for the probiotics, kyolic, garlic oil, and vitamins for your children. BR/BR/If my children’s systems are needing probiotics, I give it to them 1-2 times a day for two weeks (especially if they have been on antibiotics). Then, 1-2 times a week from then on out. If my son is starting to come down with something, I will give it to him 1-2 times a day. If you have every been on antibiotics, then your body is seriously depleted of good bacteria, and you need to bombard it with the good stuff. BR/BR/Kyolic, I usually give my kids a small spoonful once a week during the winter months (this is of course taking into account that their immunity is already built up). If they are sick or we have been exposed to something 1-2 times a day for 2-3 days. It’s just liquid garlic, so I am not too concerned over giving them too much. BR/If my husband or I start coming down with something, we will do 2 capsules of kyolic every 2-3 hours. BR/BR/Garlic oil in the ear if we have any kind of sickness going on. It’s good to clean them out with rubbing alcohol too. Rubbing alcohol will pull water out of the ear if there is any stuck in there from swimming/bathing ect. BR/BR/Take vitamins and supplements according to the directions on the box. Get some good ones. Do your research. I have complete confidence in the vitamins that nature’s sunshine does, and they are actually pretty inexpensive. You’d pay the same or more for crappy ones you’d pick up at the grocery store. BR/BR/I hope this helps!

  3. I use silver nitrate, I think it’s called. First sign of a cold. BR/BR/I prefer natural treatments as well.

  4. hiBR/i recommend you to check out the eardoc for the ear infection BR/it is not invasive and it treats the problem rather than taking antibiotics or era tube surgery BR/

  5. Hi,BR/I’m sorry to continue asking questions about this, but I began looking through vitacost and nature’s sunshine, only to see tons of different options available: capsules, powder, liquids, etc., etc. Some for adults, some for children, some for infants, etc. Also, do you get a probiotic that has different ones in it or do you buy the ones separately (i.e. buying acidophilus, bifidophilus, etc. separately from each other)? And with the kyolic, it looks like you buy the liquid for your children, and capsules for you and your husband? Again, I’m sorry to bug you about this, it’s just that I’m trying to learn all about it and get my family healthier more naturally. My 10 month old has had many colds already this season. Thanks so much!

  6. You can order the capsules of Kyolic for you and your husband, or you can do like I do and just buy some vegetarian capsules and put the liquid in the capsules. I only buy the liquid and fill the capsules for my hubsband and me. BR/BR/As far as probiotics go, I just get the adult bifidophilus flora force (has the acidophilus and all the other good ones (4 billion to be exact – great stuff). There’s really no need to have a whole bunch of bottles, because just this one will do if for the whole family. BR/BR/ The capsules easily open for dispensing. I usually open one and mix it in a spoon of yogurt and spoon it to my children (even to the baby). You can get the children’s and the adults separately if you are concerned about proper dispensing for your children. But really it’s all the same stuff and it’s not going to hurt your children to have a lot of it. Now I wouldn’t give them 4 capsules a day because that would just be wasting it. I have done up to 3 capsules in a day for my kids when they have been sick or exposed to something. BR/BR/I just want to say I am not a medical expert/trained physician, but this is what I do for my family. There’s no warning on yogurt that too much good bacteria can hurt you, so just remember this. And remember that your bodies are seriously depleted. BR/BR/So to sum up: BR/BR/1. Bifidophilus Flora Force from Nature’s Sunshine. Nature’s Sunshine is one of those membership companies, so you’ll have to spend $40 on your first order, and membership is free. (And don’t worry, I’m not making any money off of you signing up. I’m not even your referral.) You can also buy Nature’s Sunshine stuff from local herb shops but you spend way more than if you buy directly from the company and get a discount. BR/BR/BR/2. Liquid Kyolic from Vitacost.BR/BR/BTW, you’re not a bother. this is what I like to do; help people. BR/BR/Let me know if you have more questions.

  7. Just wanted to add that the Bifidophilus Flora Force actually says kids take one capsule a day.

  8. Or you can make your own yogurt and get way more probiotics than are in a pill!BR/Cheaper too:)

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