How to Make English Muffins from Scratch

Last month I had the opportunity to speak at a Tea Talk about Real Food on a Budget and Meal Planning. I had no idea what kind of goodies would be served at the event, but I thought crumpets to go along with the tea would be positively perfect! And what are crumpets you say? Well, we here in the States know them as good old-fashioned English Muffins, and they are actually really easy to make. Here’s how to make English Muffins from scratch (it’s super easy- don’t be nervous!).



These turned out positively delicious and were perfect to serve with tea! And I especially love that making them myself means I can use organic and whole grains to make them. Healthy and delicious!

Have you tried this recipe? Tell how they turned out for you!

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  1. Cool! I’ll have to try, I’ve often wondered if you can make English Muffins from scratch easily :D
    But crumpets and english muffins aren’t the same thing whenever I’ve had them!

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