How to Reuse Everyday Objects to Redecorate Your Home

One of the best ways to save money is learning how to use what you already have. By finding a new purpose for an old item, you can reorganize and redecorate many areas of your home for free.

How to Reuse Everyday Objects For Storage

Top a pretty metal bucket or wooden basket with a tray or large hardcover book for extra storage in any room. In my bedroom I have a copper bucket that holds a couple extra blankets, and the wooden tray on top holds a lamp and picture frame.

The perfect box for small trinkets is an empty cigar box. Cigar stores will give these away for free or almost nothing, and most are beautiful wooden boxes with embossed logos in Spanish and Italian, or covered with beautiful artwork. I have a few nestled unobtrusively in the living room: one hides the remotes for the electronics, and another is by the door for our wallets and keys.

How to Reuse Everyday Objects For Houseplants

One of the cutest flower pots I’ve seen was in my grandmother’s kitchen. She simply took a ceramic tea pot that was no longer used, placed an African Violet in there, and set it in the windowsill. I love the idea of using an object that belongs to the room, but for an entirely different purpose. Growing herbs in matching teacups would be a fun addition to this. Or if you have an over-abundance of mugs, collected as souvenirs and gifts that are hard to part with but rarely used, turn them into small pots and show them off.

Wine bottles can be reused to water plants (indoor or out), or if you have an old, dead tree that’s turning into an eyesore, stick the empty bottles on it’s limbs. (This works best if the tree is under 20 feet tall). A collection of green and blue bottles will look particularly beautiful in the sunlight.

Before adding an item to your shopping list, take a few minutes to reconsider. There’s almost always an everyday object sitting around the house that can be reused to fit the bill. With a little creativity and resourcefulness, you can come up with all kinds of new purposes for ordinary objects that will show off your own personal style while saving you money.

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