That Time I Put Garlic in My Vagina…

That Time I Put Garlic in My Vagina…

Seems like a perfectly normal title for a blog post… let’s go with it.

I recently had a bout with bronchitis that simply would not leave no matter how many natural remedies I used. You know how it goes…you do everything in your power to stay well and still sometimes you catch that one thing that simply will not go away, and it requires you to get on antibiotics.

Well ladies, you know what happens when you get on antibiotics: a build up of yeast. I already know that if I have to get on antibiotics, I better stock up on yogurt and kefir. Β As soon as the antibiotics were done I was downing the probiotics: Healthy bacteria for the body.

Apparently I didn’t get enough. So I found myself with a certain issue down there in my womanly areas…let’s just say vagina, because I already dropped the v-bomb in the title and might as well roll with it.

Somewhere in the deep thoughts of my mind, I knew that garlic kills yeast and thought….”hey, I wonder if I can put garlic up the hoohah (like how I switched it up there)?” A quick search on the internet told me I had a winner.

You can put a clove of garlic in the vagina to treat a yeast infection.

The internet said it, so it must be true. Any baker knows that you can’t add garlic while you’re adding the yeast because the yeast will be killed. So it stands to reason, that garlic in the vagina will do the same. Seems logical, right?

Upon further reading, the internet told me I would taste garlic in my mouth because there is this “connection between the mouth and the vagina. The moment the garlic is placed in the vagina, the taste of the garlic travels up to the mouth.”

Seems logical.

So I started the treatment at night. I was told to sew a string to the garlic for easy retrieval, but I’m already used to squeezing those muscles to remove the Diva cup, so I figured I’d be fine getting a clove of garlic out in the morning.

The internet also told me that the garlic might burn. Even though I cut slits in the garlic to make it more potent, it never burned. YMMV on this I guess.

Welp, it worked. Infection gone and I didn’t have to use a medication to take care of it.

Tips for how to treat a vaginal yeast infection with a clove of garlic:

  • Remove the paper-like cover of your fresh clove of garlic.
  • For a stronger more potent dose cut small slits in the clove to expose the innards, or you can cut it in half for the strongest dose.
  • Using a sewing needle, tie a string through the clove for easy retrieval (or if you’re hardcore and can squeeze those kegels like a boss, do it without).
  • Do it at night because apparently you can taste your vagina.
  • Don’t get frisky with the mister while it’s in (should go without saying ladies…).
  • You may need to do it more than one night depending on how far along the infection is.
  • It may burn.
  • You’re gonna smell like garlic…just sayin.

The weirdest part (besides of course sitting on the toilet trying to dig out a clove of garlic in the morning) was that I did taste garlic in my mouth throughout the night and morning. So while I no longer have yeast overgrowth, I’m now dealing with the mental thought that my mouth can taste my lady parts.

I might need therapy now.

Ever tried this? Or, tell me: What’s the craziest sounding natural thing you’ve ever done? This might be it for me.

Download my free guide to having a healthy hoo-hah, and learn several different remedies that I use for keeping the lady parts healthy and thriving!

In this video, I talk about using this method and what happened when I couldn’t get the clove out…


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  1. I have tried this….believe it or not it actually did help….I got freaked out a few hours later thinking somehow I was gonna burn a hole thru my hoo haw wall soooooo I took it out lol. I took the paper skin off, cut a few slits and since apparently I am hardcore (like a boss right?!) I didn’t thread a needle thru it…..just took it like a champ LOL It didn’t burn at all inside me but yeah the garlic taste was in my mouth within about 20 minutes…….and now that you have said that your mouth can somehow taste your lady area I really might need that therapy now LOL

        • I tried garlic pills two a day and in two day more symptoms! My urine was garlicky, but oh, well!

        • You might want to try boric acid. You may have to consult your doctor to find out how bad it is so that he/she may prescribe the correct dosage amount.

    • i actually have the clove in right now… i havent felt an itch in my hooha.. im gonna leave iN until 5:30pm being that its 4:30pm now. . Havent tasted the garlic taste in my mouth but i hope it works and i hope i can get the clove out.

      • I believe the chemical responsible for clearing up your yeast infections is also the one responsible for the garlic taste in your mouth. If you can taste garlic in your mouth after inserting a piece up your vagina, you’ve got a good, medicinal value in piece of garlic you’ve been using. If you don’t taste the garlic in your mouth, it’s because its missing that needed chemical, and you’re therefore wasting your time.

    • Warning!!!!

      I just put I clove up in my vag.. An hour later the taste in my mouth was so strong that I projectiled vomitted in my bathroom!
      I took it out and feel a bit better..
      Hopefully the remaining juices leave me feeling itch free tomorrow!
      Thanks ya’ll!

    • how much I can push the garlic? and can I keep it for an hour or two? how long stayed my vagy vagy smelly with garlic? how many days the smell stays down there?

    • Some serious problem here .. Hello.. plz plz help.. i think i lost the peace of garlic in my V.. like put it at night and i have done that before.. so i didnt attached any strings.. and in the morning whan i tried to take it out,.. there was nothing inside.. what should i doo…. help help help

  2. Crystal: Of course you know the title is what drew me to this article (We guys see the word vagina and we run in that direction). Anyway, thank you for the humor as well as the natural remedy for yeast infections. My wife has always hated to have to use creams and other medicines because its extra messy (I’m sure that it will still be but less, hopefully). And thank you for the humor because I think while it is necessary to talk about health issues, people are easily embarrassed and your way of writing made this subject much easier to digest (no pun intended)!

  3. Oh my word! Girl, you are hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for not only divulging secret lady part information, but keeping me rolling on the floor while doing so.

  4. After I tried this for the first time a few years ago and it worked, I told my husband I wanted to start an anonymous blog because people needed to know about this and because I could never post about it on any on my blogs. Kudos to you Crystal for being braver (and funnier) than I am! πŸ™‚

      • Ok so I keep having reoccurring yi so since my doctor won’t prescribe me anything till I see him I’m trying the garlic. It burns a little bit it’s probably cuz I’ve been scratching. Not bad though. I’m doing it during the day because I can’t stand it anymore. We shall see so far the itching has decreased. I read if you have diabetes you are prone to yi. I hope this works. I’ve also read using diluted Apple cider vinegar can help with the itching also they said to put it in a glass with water to drink to correct on the inside to. Funny cuz my mom use to give use vinegar and honey and warm water when we had.colds

  5. Interesting post. I am thinking this could be helpful for the systemic dispensation of garlic for other illnesses. Since you can taste it so quickly. I may try this out the next time I get sick!!

  6. how would you know when to stop treatment? how long should you really do it?

  7. I really wish I’d read this a couple of weeks ago before I spent money on yeast medication….TWICE! πŸ™

  8. I can honestly say when I read this blog post title, I laughed out loud, and shook my head. What a way to grab peoples attention. I may never be able to look at my garlic the same way again.

    Thank you for this post. Hopefully I will never have to use garlic in this matter, but nice to know there are natural ways to cure icky female issues.

    • Hi. I am 11 weeks with a yeast infection. When I contacted my midwife , the garlic in my vagina is what she suggested.

  9. Hey Crystal,

    A girlfriend put me on to this remedy and after reading various postings online, I did try it last night. What happens if you do cut the slits but do not taste the garlic AT ALL? I was worried about cutting it too much and have the garlic juices burn me.

  10. I have done the garlic clove and it seems to help. The other day I felt the start of a yeast infection and thought to myself, if a clove helps, it probably works even better minced with the garlic mincer! So I minced it and put it in a monistat applicator and put it in. And immediately had to go run cold water in the tub and sit in it because the burning was so intense and I couldn’t push or dig the minced garlic out. So don’t mince garlic and put it in your vagina. I was concerned for a few minutes that I had irreparably damaged mine. I did feel much less itchy the next day! It smelled like garlic when I peed for three days.

    • I almost cried laughing at that Ashley!!! Way too funny… Hahaha thanks for sharing your incident, even though I’m sure it was not fun! Here goes a trial of garlic cloves!

      • Crystal’s article and now this comment. I’m crying hahahhaha
        Definitely not laughing AT you Ashley, it’s just that I have a very vivid imagination and couldn’t stop imagining myself going through that situation lol…cute.

        Anyways!……Crystal, I must say that this article was both, an informative and hilarious read! Very engaging and relieving all at once! Good job.
        Before I got onto your page, I read about the whole garlic-remedy-ordeal, and decided to investigate.
        This article and the comments speaking of the experiences was very helpful. I’ve had my share of Yi’s after antibiotics too.
        So thanks again, you’re a Gem!

        • Hello there I’m suffering for yeast infections now for almost 4 month cause I have diagnose with Brain tumour surgery and I took a lot of antibiotics my family doctors told my Immune system it was low that’s why I got this sickness yeast infection I went to the doctors for check up how many times and I took a lots of medication too like the duplicate one tablets I took that how many times but I doesn’t wrk and I used a lots of antibiotics the probiotics but still nothing it’s not working now I’m using the coconut oil and oil of oregano to mix it together and the garlic I’m using garlic now and coconut oil fir home remedies I’m using the garlic for almost 2 months now but still so itchy but sometimes it helps a lil bit for the itchyness but still in suffering my vaginal infection gif how many month now it verry hard fir it too much ding to my stress in my life everyday dung know what’s the medication for my sickness right now I’m still taking all my antibiotics until now

          • Pls I need help for best medication of my vaginal yeast infection I need help pls brothers and sisters what’s the best medication of this kind of sickness I’m suffering this for how many years now I need help I’m have a brain tumour surgery and m still taking all my antibiotics until now I need helps pls I tried so many kinds of home remedies like apple cider vnregar oregano oil there nothing change still itchyness I need help pls thank u so much

          • Eliminate foods that feed yeast like wheat and sugar and try the garlic method again. Work on stabilizing the gut bacteria…probiotics are a good idea but if you are feeding the yeast with sugar and starches it will not be enough. Find a website that has a candida diet to give you more information on what foods you need to eliminate. Look into Gerson therapy for your cancer. Also a website called Chris Beat Cancer

    • I really wanna try this! But as a garlic lover I know how strong the smells is.. Sometime even when I cut up garlic and wash my hands I can slightly still smell the garlic.. I’m just curious if it leaves a bad smell behind even after showering?

        • Hi so this is what I am worried about. I just inserted one clove after sewing a thread through it about an hour a go this moring. Last night I started feeling this tingly feeling and this am as I washed it itched and burned a little. Couldn’t take off for doc appt. so I am trying this for 1st time. I am worried the smell will be there if I have intercourse in a day or two. My hubby would like such a smell. Has a smell been present afterwards during sex?

    • Years ago my Herbalist, Sugar Hill Botanicals, suggested I cut up a clove or two and gently simmer in filtered water for 5 minutes. Let it cool, then put in a ‘douche bag’. Insert and squeeze water up vagina. With great results I use this when needed. I am curious to try the whole clove. The quality of the garlic is very important so shop wisely. Local farmers market.

  11. Ashley You have me rolling in my chair. So did you Crystal. They tell you laughter is good for you so I will defiantly will be healthy for a looooog time.You are wonderful, but (ditz the cussin, it don’t become a beauty like you.) Anyone who can stand up for miss fat OR miss skinny the way you did, sure ain’t no 3 0r 4 letter unschooled person. Keep up the funny stories and hint’s though they are super.

  12. This is a hard one. I am 69 and my vagina is moisture-less from the inside out. This makes intercourse painful with surface tears. Is this estrogen problem or a medical problem?
    It would be great to have a natural remedy.

    • It’s probably a hormonal issue. Are you using a lubricant of some sort? You should try coconut oil – it is natural and can be used as a lubricant.

          • So, I’ve been on this email chain for a few months and stayed on to see how others faired with different methods. I did try the garlic twice and never really got full relief. I just can’t stand the itch and the pain (or smell if it’s BV) and used traditional methods after a few days. πŸ™ I’m glad that my OB-GYN is as invested in my overall happiness and health as I am, and took the time to research a more natural approach.

            First he suggested ReFresh which is a suppository (also accompanied by pills) that balances one’s ph levels. This worked some of the time but mostly removed any odor and changed the consistency of the yeast, making it slightly watery. (This was still gross to me.)

            Recently, good ole doc recommended that I try Boric acid pills in served into the vagina. THIS WAS A SERIOUS BREAKTHROUGH! I use them as needed at night and it restores the vaginal juices and smell to its proper state.

            A few other considerations that may have been mentioned are: drink loads more water (alkaline, ph-balanced is best), exercise to release toxins, eat very little bread and sugary foods and also consider a parasite cleanse. I used ParaZyte.

            Good luck Ladies!

      • I keep a jar of coconut oil in the fridge (cold pressed) and cut small chunks if I feel itchy. I also insert a small piece before intercourse… serves 2 purposes, good lubrication and prevents bacteria issues.

      • It’s worth noting that coconut oil will degrade condoms – so you can’t exactly use it unless you aren’t using them. πŸ™‚

  13. I used this method to treat BV bc i despise trying to use antibiotics for things that there are natural remedies for. It worked over night… Then again, i dont believe mine was that serious. It DID burn though a lil bc i left it in for like 12 hrs >.< to be honest, i forgot about it after awhile bc i didnt do the string thing lol

    • Ok so I treated my yi overnight with a clove and now I can’t feel it or find it! do the string thing, ladies, cause now I’m wondering if it didn’t just fall out in the toilet without my knowledge or if I just have to kegel like my life depends on it!

    • also trying to use garlic to cure my BV and I used it for an hour ystday noticed d difference ..maybe I would also try and cut it a lil n leave it overnyt…I heard my partner can pass it back to me even if I get over it…is that true?

    • I started using d garlic today for just an hour and I didn’t taste it in my mouth …thinking of leaving it overnyt but I read certain articles saying one’s partner Shd get treated to avoid reinfection.. how true is that?

  14. i do actually have a garlic in my hoo-haa like right now and i can taste the garlic in my mouth. but it doesn’t burn.

  15. I have more issues in the summer with yeast infections. However, last week I was put on an antibiotic due to a toe infection from ingrown toenail. A week later, I am making cottage cheese at a fast pace. Today, I was put on Diflucan but that will take 24 hours to kick in. So searched the web, sent hubby to grocery store and garlic and tea tree oil were on his errand list. Since I am so irritated I saw some blood this am bc of little scrapes from itching, I won’t try the tea tree oil. However, the minute he walked through the door, I cut up and sewed a string of garlic and in it went. It’s been an hour and feeling some relief. I am Italian so I love garlic. Fingers crossed and wish me luck! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015! Thank you!

  16. Lolll im actually having a garlic clove shoved up my punani as we speak!! Cut lots of slits before inserting. Didnt burn. Feeling garlicky in the mouth quite a bit but nothing i cant handle. Hopefully the itch goes away tomorrow

  17. I happen to have frequent episodes of yeast infection, and i’m looking to see the boyfriend in a couple of days and I’ve got it at the moment, here’s what happened, looking through the internet I stumbled across your thread, got the clove, pinched in a few slits and inserted it. I felt a burning sensation for a bit and then it stopped, it’s been in just a few minutes and I feel relieved, it’s just 8:47pm and i’m gonna leave it in till about 9am, thanks for this awesome tip and the reviews from the other ladies, i’m glad I came one here..

      • I did pap smear early this year results were as follows: clinical history……. cervix inflamed-curd like discharge observed
        Final diagnosis : negative for intraepithelial lesion or malignancy

        additional findings : MILD INFLAMMATION

        So my question is : is this results of mine same as what you are talking about ? Because I tried many antibiotics but the thick discharge is still there and sometimes it irritates me a lot and itching . I even used Metronidazole Vaginal gel twice but still not helping. Do u think Garlic will help me on this problem as well .

        Kind regards Fhulu

  18. I read about this method months ago….and I am trying to improve my health and go completely organic. I HATE taking pills…in any form, and I have battled with this problem for years. So I decided to try it. Since I have dealt with this for so long I know when it’s coming. And I tell you, thank God for nature and it’s natural remedies!!! I sliced the clove, strung it and inserted it. It started to work IMMEDIATELY!!! I’m usually ready to kill someone because I’m so uncomfortable :-)….but now I don’t have to hee hee :-)…. if it comes back, I will definitely be using the garlic again!!,,

  19. This is just fabulous! I’ve seen that garlic shoved up there works pretty well and I wasn’t ballsy enough to try it but it’s getting ridiculous now so i’m going to try it right now! I too, like another commenter, got the infection from 3 lots of antibiotics for a infection in the toe in a month, all the good bacteria in my body is dead and gone! Brilliant post, really gave me a giggle! Thanks Crystal πŸ™‚

  20. Well I’m not sure if I have a Yeast infection but my vagina is sore,itchy,red and its lips have something like white little rush and my discharge is like yeast I’m trying the garlic thingy now and its not burning its just itchy and I do not taste it in my mouth, how many days will it take for this infection to end?

  21. gosh !!!!..wif de slits on de garlic clove burns a lot..buh its sooo kuul tho..tnks a lot Crystal…cnt taste de garlic in ma mouth tho

  22. Trying the garlic as we speak. Antibiotics sady are a staple in my life since I am one of those oh so lucky ladies who ends up with UTIs once every few months. I swear my hooha hates me! This is by far the worst yeast infection I have ever experianced. I first tried a coconut and tea tree oil supository, since I’m tired of bombarding my body with pills galore, and woke up with worse symptoms then I went to bed. Chunks and FIRE… Luckaly I did have one refill left on my Dyflucan but here I lay, 12 hours later, no relief. So I figure why not try another natural method too.
    Thanks for your article! It gave me the guts to slice and go

    Oh and not to add to your nightmares… but if you put garlic in your socks overnight (supposedly it’s a natural detox to help with coughs and colds) you can taste the garlic too. Talk about putting your foot in your mouth

    • Hey Meaghan – just wanted to reply to you about your UTIs. I don’t know if you’ve tried this, but you can often prevent UTIs by drinking cranberry juice or taking a cranberry extract supplement daily. You should also make sure you’re drinking lots of water, always pee after sex, wipe front to back, and don’t make a habit of holding your pee too long. Hopefully you’ve already found out some of this, but if not I thought I should tell you.
      – from a nurse πŸ™‚

      • Oregano oil capsules are great for early caught UTIs. Most of the time they stop it in its tracks but start cautiously in case you are alergic.

        I am on strong dose of two antibiotics for two weeks and have to continue for four more so need all the help I can get. What I find normally works also is manuca honey or live yogurt with probiotic pill mixed in. Both can be applied directly on a pad or tampon. Honey is onlu initialy sticky so be careful when placing the pad in the right place.

        Thank you for a good advice.

  23. I m having this infection from last 2-4 weeks (itching comes and goes)..What quantity should I use??? How deep it should be placed.. Since I’ve been having it since long so I’ve totally scratched myself down there..will the slits hurt??

  24. I’ve just inserted that clove (likeaboss)
    I’m scared Incase that goes missing up there somewhere wonder if that’s possible

    • LOL… dare I share that one time I did have trouble getting it out. Eventually I was able to kegel my way out of the trouble, but I did panic for about an hour!!

      • I’m reading all these threads and I really am curious if you don’t thread it and just put it in, what happens if you can’t get out!!??

  25. I’m currently doing this now after reading this post. I didn’t have the guts to do it before so I always just used CanesOral which always took days to work and I’m allergic to the cream. Garlic works for all my colds so I figured I would finally be inappropriate with my favourite food… Gross. I didn’t tough it out and put slits in it and I tied an unscented piece of floss around it. No burning or garlic taste so far but the near-hell itching has subsided. I’m curious for tomorrow morning. Thanks so much!

  26. I wanna try this but i’m truly terrified of the clove of garlic getting lost in my vagina even with the string. Any advice on how to get it out of you cant find it in there? lol

  27. Oh gosh I had several bad experiences with yeast infection in 2011-2013. The initial infection was brought on by using nuvaring but I kept getting it after few menstrual cycles. I got it like 4+ times within a 2yr period and docs kept prescribing Diflucan (2pills) each time. The infection would go away for a few months and then reappear. I hated it so much so that I was more than willing to try other home remedies in order to not get drug-resistant C. Albicans infection. So I tried yogurt first. Both oral intake and v. suppositories. I tried probiotics as well. Neither helped at all… most likely because I had a severe case of the infection at the time. Lastly I read an article about garlic vaginal suppositories so I did what it said. I peeled a fresh clove of garlic, made some small cuts on it and inserted it into my vagina before bed… garlic breath accompanied as well but I felt no burning sensation. I woke up the next day feeling a LOT better. My lady parts were not sore and looked normal- not red and feisty. So I ‘pushed’ the garlic out and went about my day and did the same ritual at night for 2 more nights. I really wanted to get rid of yeast and be sure its gone so that’s why I did it for 3 nights.

    I have been yeast free since 2013 and hope on continuing this journey. As for birth controls, I am just sticking with condom using from now onwards.

  28. Is it safe to use the same garlic clove, if I am planning to do more than one day? Or should I renew the garlic clove each day?


  29. How do you put it up there ??
    Take one piece of garlic take the outer part off then that one garlic leave it in there over night ?
    Would it somehow get stuck I know stupid question but what if it does not come out

      • What I did for the string was, first I cut the clove in half lengthwise. Then I put the outttt parts of the half cloves back to back so the freshly cut part of the garlic juice would face the out. (I just thought it’d get more garlic juice in there) I sewed them like that. Totally made a Garlic-pon. Lol

  30. Got this serious itch last week,took diflucan but it did not reduce.Got home and I inserted a clove of garlic ,Been doing that since last week along side taking a new drug prescription.Felt so relieved but I feel so dry.Should I stop inserting garlic? Besides I have been inserting for about a week now,And my boyfriends gonna be around on Tuesday.What should I do?

  31. Day 2 of my “Garlicpon”. It’s hanging from a pretty purple string as we speak!
    I wanna know how long is She gonna smell like garlic till she’s allowed visitors?! I mean not so much for the visitors, but till I can reasonably feel better knowing She’s clean, and everything is naturally washed out? I guess my next period will clean her it out? I’m also a healthcare professional, so this is even funnier for me. And I’d rather taste garlic in my mouth than the metal taste of metrogel. Barff. Ironic how I’m shoving one of the most potent vegetables in my lady cave to rid myself of this BV odor lol.
    Gross βœ‹

  32. So, i decided to do this after i went to the dr and found out my health insurance doesn’t cover the one day pill treatment (i guess my medical insurance thinks a yeast infection isn’t a big deal). AND im 5 weeks pregnant. So big tip, DONT GO COMMANDO LADIES . lol i did for an hr, took a nap. and my bed was covered in my garlicky discharge. *yuck* so i took an shower and redid it with undergarments this time. Also, i can clearly taste the garlic. Its making me crave a really garlicky piece of meat. hopefully my symptoms go away in the morning, i shall be doing this for two nights. So far no itching, burning. Goodluck ladies

  33. Well I don’t get yeast infections often but when I do I’m in total hell. I just lost my Heath insurance and the over the counter junk was not working fast enough. So I used the garlic method! I took a fresh peeled garlic clove and rushed it. I wrapped it inside a little medical gauze and tied it with dental floss and in seconds the burning and itching stopped. I do taste garlic in my mouth but I can deal with that. Anything is better then dealing with the pain.

  34. Hie there been looking for a way to get rid of the odor and cheese like discharge after using antibiotics tht my g.p prescribed. Instead of getting better the discharge is worse and the smell too so I just bumped into this when I was looking for a way out and now I can’t wait to try the garlic thing just waiting for it to be evening already lol fingers crossed hope this will help me

  35. soo what if they clove don’t come out, its been in there for about two days now. starting to get concerned and worried. Really dont want to go the doctor for them to remove. any other suggestion?????

  36. How long does the garlic breath last? I just can’t smell like for too long since I am around a lot of people at my job…

    Thanks for sharing your experience!

  37. trying this method…
    from past one month I m feeling that I might have vaginal infection bt due to my exams I was nt able to go for check jst say ths remedy n trying it…
    it does burn…fuck..>_<
    I hope it will show me some great effects tomorrow…

  38. Hahaha – you ladies are cracking me up!
    I have a new boyfriend, and after not having sex for months, we have kind been rockstars for the last four days. Lol! Fun, but I think that is what gave me a yeast infection. I have only had one other yeast infection in my whole life, so I’m sure that is the culprit.

    So, I took two garlic cloves and split them lengthwise. Put them in and it stung like HELL! But now, about 30 min later, I feel so much better! I am hoping I can get rid of this in one day.
    Didn’t do the string, because I am pretty sure I can kegel them out, without any worry.

    Anyway – thanks for the laughs, you ladies are great! πŸ™‚

  39. Just to add to the chorus: have tried the garlic trick myself – successfully, to my utter surprise. I must confess I felt silly shoving garlic up you-know-where, even sillier when the thread (dental floss actually) I had stuck through the garlic clove for retrieval sliced riiiiight through the garlic, leaving me to finger the thing out…. yet after a 24-hour treatment (2 cloves, one during the day followed by another one overnight), that pesky little yeast infection seems to have cleared up. It was a lot faster and less icky than vaginal suppositories, and my man never noticed the slightest garlicky breath. Go for it, sisters!

  40. Yes!!! It works!! I tried this two years ago when 2 attempts using OTC creams didn’t work and neither did an oral and Rx strength cream from the doctor. I found this online too, tried it for three night and infection was gone!!! I got another infection two years later when I went off the pill and my hormones went wacko…again worked like a charm!! Cheers for natural remedies being better than modern medicine! Just another reason to love garlic!!!

  41. hi,just came across your blog about garlic 3 days ago,did try it,hei the garlic burns did run the whole toilet holding my vv,yaaa it was over, did the second day,but there was this pain i was now feeling on the third day, i looked in the mirror my vv lips inside vv was red, before there was nothing of this sort,its itching, never felt like that before,what i used to have was only a discharge that is elastic yellowish discharge ,and at tyms clear elastic disharge,all this started wen i turned 38yrs, so dont understand, one more thing the garlic turned greenish/bluewish,just wondering is my vv inside blue/green.

    • The garlic turns blue in reaction to the acidity of your vagina. It’s completely normal :]

  42. I just took a clove out and thought I was imagining things because i could taste the garlic in my mouth. Wow. Kinda cool.

  43. Hi Crystal Collins,did visit the dr said nothing wrong, yaa its hot ladies dont estimate garlic you will feel it realy,now my question is on my fellow women ,does anyone exprience that, garlic turning blueish/greenish in vv???

    • Yes, and that’s never happened to me before when trying this. I’m hoping my garlic is just going bad.

  44. I will definitely try this. Been having this vaginal discharge for a long time, and i was getting real scared. i was also shy about meeting a doctor. But with all this comments, i felt happy. Thanks@Crystal. You are a gem.

  45. Ok… So I’ve tried the creams and inserts and they have made things worse! Today my poor vagina and her yard were on FIRE! I took a(nother) shower and cleaned everything and it got a bit better and to the interwebs I went… It’s now 20 minutes post garlic insertion. It burned like hell, so bad I couldn’t manage to get it in there. So after I collected myself I wrapped half of a giant clove in some gauze and up it went. A little bit of blood, but everything is so swollen, I think I may have just cut the wall a bit. No pain and it was only a little. I’m so hoping this offers some relief by morning!

    Thank you for writing this and putting it out there!

  46. Yeah, I have read about this garlic curing of infection buh ws so scared to try it out till I got to read it again and as I am writing now the clove is already in my hoo hoaa, no pains and no tasty smell of that..I pray to have a positive effect to that. Though I gat no itches, redness or sore just that slight yellowish discharge that do stains my pants.

  47. Yeah, I have read about this garlic curing of infection buh ws so scared to try it out till I got to read it again and as I am writing now the clove is already in my hoo hoaa, no pains and no tasty smell of that..I pray to have a positive effect to that. Though I gat no itches, redness or sore just want it to stop the slight yellowish discharge that do stain my pants.

  48. so as we ladies ate treating ourselves, what about our husbands? bcx I’m also in de same condition treating it with de garlic bcx I’ve tried a lot of antibiotics and it didn’t work completely its just some few months den it comes again so Im now on de garlic remedy to see how it will work for me. thenkew so much crystal

  49. so what abt our husbands since we r treating ourselves what must dey also do?

  50. OK so I did this and its no where to be found I had it yesterday I could find it but now its gonzo……I didn’t feel it come out and after digging around ridiculously for it like I’m in some b porn movie I still can’t find it….help!

  51. hallo Peeps! Yaa did use garlic burns like hell got to see my doc coz punny was red ,was given 5pills to take one time, but now m relieved, m fine waiting for the return of yeast this time am preapared n precaution will be done

    garlic can burn dearests but it works wonders, try itttt laddies

  52. I had to come back and leave a comment as this page gave me the confidence to take on my yeast infection. I killed that mother in less than 3 days by using garlic for 24 hrs and other remedies. It didn’t burn or cause me any discomfort and oddly gave me relief when it was inserted. I didn’t use a string because honestly I was so swollen, it didn’t move from where I put it. I also used the organic plain Greek yogurt to soothe and insert on one occasion,side note: this did irritate a little so don’t leave on for extended periods. I guzzled water constantly and I was so determined I also drank unsweetened cranberry juice and ate 2 cups of the yogurt daily. I am the most scarred by eating the plain yogurt… Yuck. One other thing I did add which I have no idea if it helped was biotic pills from the grocery store once daily. Finally on my 3rd day, the yeast was disappearing but I still felt sore and irritated so I sat in the bathtub with a couple inches of water and one cup of white vinegar. I tried to just flush everything out in less then 3 minutes. Then I took a shower with mild soap. I am not kidding… Within 1 hour I was back to normal. So medical books, I am proof the natural remedies do work! To circle back around… I think the garlic would have done the trick by itself, but I don’t like the smell very much and I wanted to make sure I killed it. It was all worth it and no messy chemicals.

  53. How long does the vagina smell like garlic afterwards because I know when I cut garlic my hands smell Like that forever and the juices burn if I have a cut. Also anytime gartic contacts your bloodstream you will be able to taste it And your vagina would absorb that juice which would explain the taste. πŸ™‚

  54. Not that there needs to be a ANOTHER positive review, because clearly ITS A GO! But, to save myself the embarrassment of going to a groccery store and waiting in line with one item “Monistat” and maybe a bag of chips to hide it, I tried the garlic method. I cut a medium (so it was easier to pull out) garlic clove in half (for a more potent dose) and inserted the clove up up until about where i can feel a little round ball thingy which is the cervix. I didn’t feel it during the day. I will say, my stomach was making some loud noises like there was a battle going on down there – which was a little embarrassing but nothing that anyone noticed. There was no burn at all, and I had immediate relief of itching. I did however taste garlic all day long, I don’t know if anyone smelled it…hope not. But I am still having a bit of discharge, my YI has been running strong for about 2 weeks now, so I will probably have to use another clove to completely get rid of the infection. Anyways, thought I’d offer some insight, IT WORKS go for it! Avoid the embarrassment of purchasing creams — buy some garlic instead.

    • LOL that’s our new tag line…”Save yourself the embarrassment and just buy garlic!” hahaha…so glad it worked for you! πŸ™‚

  55. I want to try this but im afraid i’ll lose it? Sounds stupid but i’m scared i won’t be able to get it out the next morning

    • If you have never used a cup for menstruation or practiced using your muscles down there I can see how this would be intimidating. When you go to get it out the best thing to do for beginners is to squat all the way down, and bear down squeezing your muscles as tightly as you can, you will start to feel the garlic being pushed out. Stick your finger up there to dislodge and viola! It will never get lost in your vagina just might not be within fingers reach at first but us women are amazing creatures and our muscles help tremendously!

  56. That was hilarious. Women are beautiful beings, I mean to taste your vagina without actually having to taste it? Gotta love us. Thanks for this. πŸ™‚

  57. This is my go to method for curing yeast infections. Ever since my first pregnancy I get them once a month at the least. Also quick tip, if you do have a bad itch, rub purn organic honey on the bots that itch. Works like a charm, no chemicals needed.

  58. This Garlic thing really works.. I usually have thrush down there after a period and its so frustrating. So I was advised to use Garlic. The minute I felt the little itch I got it and shoved it up my vagina and I haven’t had an itch or discharge since monday( day it started). Will it still work if I poke the garlic kinda like making little holes in it before putting it in? I was shoving it in just the way it is

  59. Was treated for a yeast infection lastyear and felt better. And then I noticed I dint complete my dosage. Months later d infection came back. Was put on Diflucan capsule. Days after I felt a pinch @d tip of my ‘you know where’.. Lol. So I started doing my research n stumbled on this page. Decided to try d garlic tin.. D first day I inserted half a clove of garlic dwn there n it did burn a little had to take it out almost immediately. Then I tried again 2days later but this time @ bedtime. It didn’t burn and I didn’t have the garlic taste in my mouth. It’s still in now n I hope it works. And there’s this about HIV patients having reoccurring yeast infection. How true is this?

  60. Got a YI from my gal friend and now smashed some garlic and applied it over the head of my D. It buuuuurnt like hell. Hoping the thing gets finished by morning

    • Did this work for you? I feel like my husband is reinfecting me every time we get intimate and I want to treat him this way instead of using chems.

    • I have had yeast infections in the past but this is the 1st time I have ever had one during my menstrual cycle and it has to be the worse by far! It isn’t even full blown I caught it in the early stages, I have taken the one dose tablet and it’s been over 24 hours( it did help some) I am almost to the point to try anything and the hole time I was reading this (while soaking my lady parts in a vinger bath) I was saying to myself idc if it burns imma gonna try it, to go downstairs to find out my husband threw the garlic out yesterday, food lion is closed and walmart is about 35 minutes away

  61. Sooo I did the garlic treatment and it really works great! But I just have one question..How do you get the garlic smell from out of the inside of your vagina??
    Lol embarrassing to say but Hey what can I say

  62. I’m actually trying it now as I type, I found your article by googling “taste garlic when i put garlic in my vagina” haha. I put it this morning, not at night, may be not the best idea, taste in my mouth is quite intense. It’s amazing how the body works. Hope I get rid of that yeast infection. I love finding natural remedies.

    Get that divacup out like a boss, Im happy to read you are cup user. If you girls are curious go check out my website

  63. i try this remedy and it stopped my itching immediately. firstly i boil hot water till it reaches 100decree then i added garlic(i cut the garlic) and the sat on the hot water which i poured inside a bucket.i sat there for about 10mins.then i stood up and crushed another garlic to the juice and rubbed it on my vigina and that’s it…..

  64. Hey,
    This worked really well for me!
    I didn’t have a full-blown yeast infection, just that itchy feeling before one starts, and decided to try this as a preventative measure.
    I did get the garlic taste in my mouth, but I found a simple solution for it – eat something (like a pasta dish) with a bit of garlic in it, just to trick yourself into thinking that that is what you’re tasting

  65. Hi, I have vaginal yeast infection and I tried the garlic in vagina last night. I was wondering what is the max days I can do this for?

  66. Hi Crystal!

    I tried the garlic.I cut it in half then sew a string on it. I dont feel any burning sensation.I cant even taste it. will it work without even though i dont have these symptoms?

    i put it overnight. well i pull it out there is still a white discharge that smells like garlic. i wonder if it worked. is it really like that after putting garlic?

    help :'(

      • actually i dont know if this is yeast infection or normal..there is a white discharge but not that itchy at all…the smell is not too bad but when I’m aroused (wet) it does smell a little..

  67. I’m just trying this now. I hope it works quickly as I go away on Thursday morning and I don’t think I can do it then. If I do it for 2 days do you think it’ll go away? I’ve had thrush for months and was using canestan pessaries and pills but it always comes back.

  68. Well i feel silly right now with garlic shoved up in my vajaja…ive worked with white vinegar and salt wondering if garlic also destroy bad odor?

  69. Hi, thanks so much Crystal for providing such useful page, just a question..only at night we can do it? Δ° mean if i use it during day but at nights dont use it, would get same result? (im alone at home and my husband working till late evenings)

  70. I have YI now and the doc wants me to take Fluconazole which i cant really afford. i hope this garlic helps.. im going to try.. it was itchy before but not now anymore.. but the sight of the yeasts is just disgusting i hope this works as its been a week that i have YI.will give an update once i get better

  71. Wish I’d read this article before I used my last clove of garlic for dinner. So I had to improvise some. Thankfully, I had a jar of WH fresh crushed garlic in the fridge. After reading about the mishap with crushed garlic from someone above, I poured about 2-3 tbsp of garlic juice into a cup, and then dipped a fresh tampon, with the applicator, into the cup to absorb the liquid. Applied as I would during my monthly and that’s it! Felt a small fire upon insertion due to raking the field earlier, but it quickly subsided. Ive been in “stable condition” for about four hours, so something must be working.
    I hope this does the trick. I’ll try again tomorrow just for additional measure.
    Thanks Crystal!

  72. Does this really work am scared cause garlic blister my finger already muchless my vagina

  73. I am going through menopause now and have had a yeast infection for about a month now, I am also diabetic and take oral meds daily. I am eating 1 yogurt a day and starting garlic in the vajay tonight. Is it ok to douche with water and apple cider vinegar? A few years ago I had a YI that lasted 2 years, thought I was going to lose my mind. My doc has given my the 1 time pill and the infection was gone in a day, but came back a week later.

  74. I am 31 weeks pregnant and have been having serious itching down below. But it is not internal. It is on the outer area around my vagina on the outer labia. Doctor tested me internally and said I don’t have a yeast infection but said the itchiness could be yeast in my skin. (Also had sever pain in my nipples in my first trimester, that appearly was yeast as well.) Not knowing any other remedies at the time I followed my nurse Practicner orders and bought ‘Canesten’ cream. It helped the nibble pain I was getting and has helped the inching down below, but only for a few days, then it starts again. I have been using the cream now for months. And want to try something else.
    Yesturday it occurred to me that it is fine for a few days then starts itching again the day after having sex. So I am wondering if my partner has it without symptoms, and is reinfecting me each time we have sex. Last night I had him put the cream on himself as well. I will have to see in a few days if it makes a difference.
    Anyways I would like to find a cure/relief that is more natural and longer lasting. Any suggestions since it is external and not internally a problem?

    • This is me exactly. I am 35 weeks pregnant and same thing is happening to me, I finally just told my husband no more, I feel so bad for him and would suffer just to make him feel better. He just left for Navy bootcamp a week ago, so now i’m finally getting a break and getting a chance to really find out whats going on. I don’t feel like my infection is internal at all, just on my skin and now I feel like it’s spreading just on my skin. Since I did try putting garlic in and my symptoms have subsided slightly, i’m going to try rubbing minced garlic on my skin and on a pad, see if this clears up my skin infection.

  75. Hi dear blogger and and everyone!
    How long will it takes for garlic to treat this yeast infection ? Or does it depends on the severity of one’s infection ? I might seriously trying this!! Hahhaa , btw what will happen after using this treatment ? Sorry for the questions , this is my first time so I’m bit worried and hope it can work wonder … I really hated this yeast thingy .. sincerely thank everyone for helping and guiding!

  76. Okay so, I have been suffering from chronic YI for weeks now. I’m assuming the reason is because i’m pregnant and that thru off everything in my body. I immediately started treating with Antifungal cream off the shelves. Well considering I have chronic YI, I would use this method then in a few days it would be back Not only that, if you use these creams for more than the recommended amount, which I did, you get blisters. AND OMG I WAS CRYING! I got so desperate! I searched and searched on the internet for something natural because chems just aren’t ideal for putting on my sensitive lady parts anymore. I found the same article about using garlic cloves, and decided I was desperate enough to try this. I’m writing this the morning after my first insertion of garlic and I feel so relieved. It’s a miracle. I didn’t bother stringing the garlic either, I was already too tired to be sewing anything so I just stuck it up there. I used the least amount of ‘dosing’ which is just making a few slits with fingernails and yes I still tasted it and no it didn’t burn me at all. Anyway, i’m not severely itching or burning anymore, and I plan on using this for two more nights. I love nature and I love that this FEELS like it’s working, only time will tell for me!!

  77. I tried months ago, and I still do that but man, it keeps coming back, i cant even let my bf eat me out and before sex i gotta finger myself a few times to get the most of it out of my vagina so he doesnt notice but it’s fail.. Ugh I hate this damn desease.

  78. i will try dis….i have serious itching and discharge. i hop dis wil help

  79. I was sure to eat some garlic hummus before trying this.

    I’ve been researching this remedy for a few days now, and the itch had gotten so bad that I’ve perfected an awesome catwalk that garners some relief with each switch of the hip. Ah, womanhood. Suffering silently but sexily. I’ve been using coconut oil for some soothing effects externally, but the symptoms are getting worse.

    So, I cloved up. The relief was almost instant. I applied coconut oil and tea tree to soothe the irritated tissue, and I’m enjoying the taste of garlic in my mouth like I just won a shrimp scampi eating contest. No burning either. We’ll see if ill be walking the cat walk tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!

    Now to figure out how to explain why there are condiments in my bathroom…

  80. I have been having YI for almost a month. Tried canesten but to no avail. This was aftet being on a series of antibiotics. Just bought travocort cream before i came across this blog. Cant wait to go buy the garlic for relief. But then what happens to my dear husband who got the thrush thru our intimacy. Will eating it raw help get rid of it in his system?

  81. Hey Ladies. I have had Thrush for about a week or so and the doctor gave me some pill to take. One this week and one next week…now I haven’t made love to my boo for a few weeks because I was on antibiotics for something else. I came across many blogs that say similar things bit I was always hesitate to try. It’s 01h24 am, I woke up got some garlic and put it straight in there because you explained it so well. I am hoping this will help. πŸ˜€

  82. I put half a clove in my hooha last night, but found that after a couple of hours of taking it out, I saw yellow discharge. It smelled a bit garlic-y, but I’m not sure. Is this normal?

  83. OMG!!! Thank you so much Crystal, I’ve been with yeast infection for like two years now, antibiotics don’t seem to be helping. When I stumbled upon your blog I laughed really hard and I was like really garlic, but now I’m going to try it out and the comments from the ladies are a certain motivation. At some point I thought i was the only one going through this, but I see its a problem women face world wide, I am from South Africa and your blog is helping women like me worldwide, keep it up funny lady πŸ™‚

  84. Trying this now. Made 2 slits since i was scared of burning but feel nothing atm and no garlic taste so far. This is my first yeast infection in over a year! I recently got off birth control so i think its a hormonal thing that caused it. Last year i got yeast infections when i first started the pill but they wentnaway when i got my period. And i refuse to use chemicals on my privates :$

  85. I’ve always looked for natural remedies before going to prescription mess. I find that using Apple cider vinegar is a wonder for anything vagina related lol so I felt a slight tickle of an itch a few days ago so I took action by rubbing some coconut oil on the hoohah since coconut it’s my favorite thing to use all over for any reason, it’s an awesome little gift of Mother Nature and is a natural antiseptic. Then I took a shot of some apple cider vinegar and water and I decided to try the garlic up the vag trick. Definitely tasted garlic over night which like u said is kind of disturbing lol but I fished it out this morning and everything seems to feel good. Seems to have worked. Good to know, I’m adding this to my arsenal of weapons

  86. Just went to my obgyn said i have BV..,she prescribed me metronidozale for 7 days….it was hell i couldn’t drink those Seven days…now i am pmsing and feeling a constant burning sensation down there which might have been a side effect of meds….well i just shoved a clove up there. Dont Think I’ll be brave enough to leave it all night but we’ll see!

    • What were your results? I’m treating BV with this remedy and would like to know how long you did it and the results. I was also prescribed metronidazole even though I had a severe reaction to it prior and, like and behold, had another severe reaction to it. I guess my doctor didn’t believe me? Anyway, hoping the garlic thing will help!

  87. Am so excited I been suffering from YI for the past 12 mnths…I can’t wait to buy garlic and insert it so what about my poor husband can he also rub it on his D?

  88. OK so I read the article and comments before, then I brought it to my doctor and she looked at me like I was smoking Crack, when I got it first, I had uti because I hate using public bathrooms and work bathroom and sometime when a good movie is showing is too lazy to get up and go to the bathroom…. So they gave me antibiotics for the uti and guess what! I got a yeast infection tht cause my hoo haa to swell huge! Hooray for me . I suffered for a long time till it disappeared…
    And low and behold my uti is back and brought along some crazy itching.
    I meant I ain’t taking NO ANTIBIOTICS! Goin natural!
    Bought Nasty unsweetened cranberry juice, drank water like crazy! Help the everything else but the itch, so I rubbed the garlic on my hoo haa the night before but it only ease it for a bit… (The best part was the ease the worst was when it came bk with vengeance).
    So now I got a garlic stuck up there and I can honestly say my fiance is definitely not gonna b kissing me tonight cause he hates garlic and I have garlic breath, and I haven’t itched from since mr garlic made him self a new home in hoo haa for the last ten minutes !
    Thanks for ur blog and I hope my doctor hears what I did cause she will flip!

    • Hi
      What a very interesting article……
      I just wanted to tell you my experience with garlic this weekend before I read your page.
      I suddenly got horrendous UTI and couldnt leave the house for wanting to go to the loo every 5 mins.. the pain and razors were getting worse and worse… My pee was pink with blood and I was scared stiff! I drank bicarb in water and Apple cider vineger ( the organic one that is un pasturised with the mother in) and dabbed T tree oil on my vagina to ease the pain.. also drank a glass of water every 20 mins to flush out and rehydrate.
      It worked! Hooray.. in less than a day! I then totally forgot about it and went out and drank a bottle of wine… BIG mistake! I should have treated myself for at least 3 days before starting to drink any alcohol .. So the next morning the problem had become even worse and intensified! I was petrified and looked on line for any natural ways to clear it I could. I read about the garlic and also organic virgin coconut oil made into round ice cubes with high grade organic mediterranean oregano oil in the middle ( I have these oils coz Im an aromatherapist ). I quickly shoved up a garlic that I had stabbed with a knife and made some ice cubes.. Within almost 10 minutes I was suddenly getting relief from the garlic!! I couldnt believe it!! I now only wanted to go to the loo every half hour which kept reducing through the day.. I shoved up a coconut ice cube ( 1/2 hr is enough just to make it firm enough to insert ) and also took a T spoon orally ( health benefits are amazing!). The relief was so good I had to tell my story… I kept drinking lots of water( some with vinegar and some without) and did the garlic for the next 2 nights with the homemade pessaries and it has completely cleared up! Amazing!! Natural is always best and they work so well! Im going to tell everyone about this! πŸ™‚

  89. I’m currently trying this for BV… long did it take for the smell of garlic to be gone? Thanks fingers crossed

  90. I love Garlic anyway so when I inserted it the smell and taste was tolerable for me. I’ve done this in the past by blending Garlic, Fresh Oregano Leaves, Fresh Aloe Vera and Tea Tree Oil with purified water. I put it in the fridge and I douched with it for 3 days. I also make Kefir. I drink it every morning and occasionally douche with it.

    • You put tea tree oil in your vagina?! You’re the biggest badass on the face of the earth. I put it on the outside every once in a while and a couple times accidentally got some up in there and holy hell did that burn. You must be a superhero.

  91. Thank you for this blog post. And thank you ladies for all your comments. I found garlic brought a lot of relief and I would recommend. The pharmaceutical industry is definitely trying to keep this kind of information from us so we ladies must communicate.

  92. Hello,
    I have heard of this method many times but this is the first time I do it. I put the clove in last night with a thread through and this morning the thread came out without the garlic. I am usually very tight and not used to insert my fingers, so I’m a little worried on how to get it out. I’m hoping I’ll be able to do it on my own. I think if I ask my husband he’ll help but he might be weird out to have sex after knowing I had garlic in there.
    A question I have that I have not found the answer for is, how long should we wait until having sex again? (After the clove is removed, that is). Hopefully you’ll know the answer to this one.
    One thing I can say is I feel already the itch is almost gone, so I’d say it worked.

  93. I’m 39 weeks pregnant but have been suffering from some serious itching, discharge and discomfort for about a month or two now. I thought it was normal as I googled the symptoms and the inter webs said during pregnancy it’s normal to experience such symptoms.

    I was treated for BV at the very beginning of my pregnancy and haven’t had sex in MONTHS, so I figured this couldn’t be an infection/std since my OB has tested me every 2-3 months since the beginning of my pregnancy.

    I figured though after such swelling and itching felt like HELL had taken over my vajayjay, I began researching more and just came across using apple cider vinegar as a wash and soaking in a salt bath to find some relief. The salt bath was ok but the act wash seemed to work after two days of doing that and it seems I was cured. Lo and behold the same symptoms of the itching, burning, and discharge came back! I was going crazy! I’ve never experienced anything like this! Especially while pregnant as this isn’t my first child!

    I was embarrassed to mention it to my doctor (male) so never brought it up. But I had my OB appt today and the midwife checked me (female) and she asked if I had any itching and the discharge seemed to be consistent with a yi. So she took a swab but I won’t get the results till Friday or Monday and I just cannot stand this any longer!

    So I went back to the Internet and stumbled across your post. I read on another website to do the garlic up the vag, but just as many as the other ladies on here were worried about getting it out, I had my hesitation. BUT! After reading so much positive feedback; desperate times call for desperate measures! I made a quick run to the store at 10:30pm tonight to just buy some dang garlic! Got home, cut a few slits in it and a chunk actually came off the clove, sewed a piece of string to that sucker and shoved it up the vajayjay! Holy hell did it burn for the first 10-15 mins but after that, oh lordt; this is a godsend!!!! Thank you so much!!! I felt instant relief after the burning subsided. Still don’t taste the garlic in my mouth though. Hopefully this will cure it for good!! Thank you again!!!

  94. Cnt one actually do this when the sytom stops because mine is nt constant bt am suffering from it

  95. Think I did it wrong… I crushed the garlic and put it on the outside where it’s swollen but I am definitely doing the clove cause omg I can not take it anymore and I really hate going to drs for this type of thing and taking antibiotics… really hopes this works… and it burned like crazy, thought i had caught on fire for a min but then again i have been trying to relieve the itch my way so i guess i made it worst… thanks for the tips though πŸ™‚

  96. Omg just got a yeast infection yesterday I really want to try this but I’m terrified. I need to sick it up because I’ve been uncomfortable with this yeast infection all day ughhhhh

  97. I just started this treatment this morning. Woke up and was burning so bad so I looked online for natural remedies and found out about the garlic. I put it in with no cuts at first and after five minutes or less I was pain free. Left it in all day, eventually putting some nail slits in it and I can tell it is better so I got a new clove and am going to do it all night. No string either! I hope it clears up in a the next day or so. Not sure how long to do it or if I should give the vag a break?
    With no cuts I only barely tasted garlic but the more cuts I added to it, the stronger the taste.
    Great blog!

  98. i started putting garlic in my vagina yesterday, i also put some slit on the garlic to make it more effective. when i have garlic inside me, the itchiness disappears and i feel better but when i take it out, after few minutes it starts itching again. also i don”t taste the garlic in my mouth…is that okay?
    i hope it is.. πŸ™‚ i really want to get over with this yeast infection.

    • I have tried the garlic, didn’t work for me. I tried it again last night, woke up 2 hours after I used it with itching so bad I had to pour cold water on my v-jay cuz it felt like it was on fire. I am at the end of my rope with this yeast infection crap.

      • If it didn’t help you then you probably have a more serious issue. πŸ™ I’d contact your doc. If it’s a bacterial infection, the garlic won’t do much good. You could try the douching with hydrogen peroxide method mentioned in the video and see what happens. πŸ™‚

    • Garlic didn’t work for me. I tried mothers apple cider vinegar as a douche. Use it 3x a day. I am on my second day and I am not itching as much. Only use 2 tablespoons with 16oz water and I wear a light pad to catch the yeast and minimize the smell. I have had a yeast infection for 6 months and hopefully this is the solution.

  99. I tried the garlic capsules and it taste like an Italian restaurant in my mouth lol but I did notice the yeast is breaking up and coming out of there YUCK!!!…I may need to use it a few days due to me having consistent yeast infections…It seems to be working…I’ll come back later with results

  100. I’ve done this remedy a few times and always taste garlic! Just goes to show how connected we ladies out with our bodies… Haha! I can also taste whatever fluid I’ve been injected with (especially saline). Does anyone else have this experience, as well?

  101. I’ve had a raging yeast infection for two months, I’ve tried 3 different yeast medications and they didn’t work. You can imagine I’m at the point where I want to take a bottle brush and scrub my insides out! I found your blog while looking for remedies and as we speak my hoohah is currently housing a clove a garlic. I did put some thread through it and I decided not to make any slits in the clove because I’ve done so much scratching that I was concerned it would burn like crazy. I figure if I do okay with it, tomorrow night I can make some cuts to the garlic. I can’t say I have any relief yet but it’s only been an hour. I also don’t have the garlic taste in my mouth but that might be because I didn’t cut the garlic. I’ll report back on how things went. I appreciate your article and I also appreciate everyone’s comments. It’s so much easier to try something when there are real people sharing their experiences!

  102. Please will this work for either coliform or ecoli… treated vaggy infections for too long. Now most antibiotics don’t work on me cos my body is resistant to most of them. Taking a mixed drink of garlic, ginger and honey. I hope this works.

  103. I am currently trying this as I have had a reoccurring YI for two years at this point. My ex and I used a massage oil and then had sex and BAM!! Say hello to a new friend, has been with me longer than the ex now

    Tried many many things we shall see if this along with no sugar, breads, pasta, alcohol, dairy. Drinking apple cider vinegar, taking probiotics, and eating a clove of garlic as a pill and a suppository, along with boric acid and tea tree oil. This is my life now I will update if any of this happens to work!!

  104. Am 5month pregnant and my discharge smells a lot when having sex with my hubby, can the garlic method work, n can a pregnant woman use the garlic insert, hope it’s not risky.

  105. Hahaha! Can we please be friends? Lmbo, this article was insanely hilarious! Thanks so the tips! <:

  106. Hi Crystal

    Oh my!

    I could sit here all day and just read…….

    I am reading this though because I too currently have a piece of Garlic up the ol va jay jay! I was googling articles on this to make sure that I am not harming myself or hurting myself in any way.

    I have found though that this seems to work for many woman, in fact pretty much 90% of the woman who have taken the leap (or bend) have actually cured themselves and come away a lot better for it.

    I have suffered with hormone imbalance issues since I was a pre-teen and yeast infections are NO stranger to me (7-10 a year). I have suffered so badly in the past, but before running back to my docs who want to throw more chemicals at me, I thought to try something natural, as this is usually the route I try and take in regards to life.

    My god-sister is also a Doula, so I lucked in with that one. She’s currently on her 3rd pregnancy as well with the other 2 being under 5 and still helping others give birth.

    Totally passion for all things doula and vagina related, so no awkwardness about asking weird questions.
    She told me how to go ahead with the process and what to look out for in case things reacted badly.

    That was at about 10h00 this morning. Now this is about my 3rdish day of the infection but the 1st day of real uncomfortable (walking like a turtle). You know the day where you cant lie to yourself anymore and tell yourself that its not a yeast infection just because you don’t have the energy to go through one right now? Yup! that day.

    Around 14h00 the itching started soothing, and by 17h00 I was replacing the “pod” much like a tampon. It’s like a healthy tampon of sorts? Ha ha ha (my brain).

    Anyway, its 21h49 pm now, and besides the odd twitch and itch I am in FAR better condition within a few hours now then I would have been on more chemicals and so on. I also haven’t been drinking my lemon water lately and started doing this again today, it passes through quickly and really is a good detox,so that’s helped too.

    Ladies with yesties and those like me who get them often. WATER is your best friend. NO doubt about it. Keep hydrated at all times, if its humid out, drink extra and if you even suspect you have one coming one, increase your water dose.

    Also keeping a bottle of Cranberry extract in your medicine cabinet will save your sanity. You can get one at the health shop or even order online. It doesn’t taste great but 2 table spoons a day ladies, and I promise you you’ll see a difference. I once cured a yeast infection with just that alone, but its PRETTY pricey where I come from and so its not always in the cupboard.

    Thanks for the awesome post! Love seeing ladies open up and talk like this. There is nothing shameful about the human body and I think its great to have husbands, boyfriends, men in general knowledgeable about these things.

    Its not sexy, but its important. I cant blame my boyfriend for not understanding the pain, frustration and uncomfortable of going through a yeast infection, if he hasn’t been educated on the subject, now can I? It’s not something dirty, 99% of the time its not even something that we can control but our hormones and bodies, doing what they do.

    Awesome post! Cant wait to read more πŸ™‚

    • I was shocked when I first told my boyfriend about my yeast issues and it didn’t phase him! Most of my previous boyfriend’s were disgusted. This is something I have been suffering with for almost 10 years CONSTANTLY. The only time I have ever been yeast free is when I am on Diflucan, but within a few days of stopping it, I am FULL of yeast again. When I talk to any of my female family members, the first thing they ask me is about my yeast. It isn’t embarrassing to me or them as they are mostly all registered nurses, but it is frustrating.

  107. Hi! Thank you for the article! I’m so desperate I’d try anything lol. I’m a 17 year old virgin and I don’t even know how I ended up with a YI but I’ve had itching and burning down there for a few days now and I wasn’t very concerned, I thought it would clear up on its own. Now I see I have developed a rash on my chest, I’ve read that it might be caused by my YI, do you think it could be? Oh and also, I’m trying the garlic and praying to god it works, I don’t even know how to tell my mom that I have a YI, it is so embarrassing and humiliating .

      • Have you gone to the doctor? It could be anything. I have chronic yeast, so I can definitely self-diagnose. Also, yeast infections, especially chronic ones, aren’t always caused by sex. I got them before I ever had sex. There is obviously something wrong with my body. I have gotten oral yeast (thrush) and recently gotten it on my armpits. It’s awful. Nothing should be embarrassing when it comes to your body. It is important to take care of it. Things happen and it is crucially to be open with at least your doctor. It would be nice to have open communication with your mother too. I’m lucky because most of the women in my family are registered nurses and have always been super open (maybe overly open lol). Another thing, UTIs and yeast infections are different. UTIs are caused by bacteria and yeast infections are caused by the fungus yeast. I suffered from UTIs when I was little. Those were really bad. Good luck!

  108. Thank you!!!!! I have a YI that persisted after taking diflucan. I took diflucan on Saturday and on Tuesday I noticed an excess of discharge. By Wednesday it was a straight up overflow of whitish discharge, no itching, no burning, and no odor but I am supposed to see my boyfriend on Friday. I went to the drugstore and bought Ticanozole as well as a kit to make sure it wasn’t BV. Indeed I had a YI

    The Ticanozole left me with nasty gooey discharge the next day. I read everyone’s post about garlic and I inserted the biggest clove I could find, I also put little slits all over it. Literally 15mins later the discharge is clearing up. It went from an abundance to almost normal. I can’t wait to see what happens after 24 hrs.

    Thank you Crystal, you saved my sex life and gave advice that relieved me!!! If anyone has a garlic remedy for men, I’d love to read it. Thanks!!!

      • I have had a yeast infection for months now and I am a type 2 diabetic. Garlic did nothing for me. I started taking cranberry pills, 6 a day, after a week, I am 85% better, itch, burn and swelling gone. 1 more week of 6 a day and I will take 2 a day.

  109. I did this it burned for about 10 mins I didn’t read the string part until I read your blog lol hope I don’t have to go to er

  110. Alright, so I had a wisdom tooth removed and I had to take antibiotics. Although I’ve never had a yeast infection, I don’t think I got one exactly, from the antibiotics but not sure. I was just really itchy after coming off of them. Can’t take the itchiness anymore, so I’m doing the garlic thing!!!

  111. Cool! I have some infection like that too and the symptoms are like the yeast infection. I got garlic in there. It’s kind of peppery and hot. I’m not tasting it though, I just hope it will get rid of the infection and the smell of the garlic will disappear ASAP. Thanks

  112. Garlic in my vagina as I type. Didn’t do proper research before slipping it in so I stuck mine to my applicator stick & pushed far in with no string. As I type this I have major fears.(how long will I have to kegel, was it too far in?) combined with the fact that I didn’t make no slits just cut off the both end and shoved it in plus combined with the fact that I can’t taste it yet I wonder is the clove I used potent enough? Will it work?
    I am hopeful for the best. I have had an unhealthy antibiotics cocktail for waaaay too long I can’t take no more so I’m really hoping this does the trick. I am however very concerned with treating the partner, my partner does a good re-infecting job & he insists men don’t transfer yeast infections neither are they carriers. I would appreciate suggestions from someone who has used natural remedies to treat their male partner(garlic or otherwise).
    Healthy Vajayjays to you

  113. I found this remedy last night after suffering for a few days with a wicked infection during a course of antibiotics for bronchitis :-/… I thankfully was so desperate I tried it! I cut the clove in half and this morning it was better! I’m doing it again tonight and no burn again as I said it was a wicked bad infection!! I’m so happy to have found this cheap and effective way to treat the infection!! It was so painful and itchy I was awful but already so much better!!

  114. Hi Krystal,

    I hope it’s not to late for you to read and leave reply. I’ve been currently diagnosed with PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) – it’s caused when BV isn’t treated for too long. I’ve looked around internet and arrived at this post. Have you heard anything about this garlic thing working for PID as well?

  115. Currently using method now… Day 2
    1. Sew a double string in for easy removal
    2. An ice cube can be applied to the exterior for 30-45 sec prior to insertion to ease any burn by numbing
    3. Removal while in the shower was easy (non string user)
    4. Depending on the amount of slits, applying an ice cube again after insertion can ease burning so you can sleep
    5. Relax. Don’t freak out if you can’t retrieve it. Just keep trying πŸ™‚

  116. Ive tried everything from creams to salt washes and nothing seems to work! πŸ™ Ive read your post but it saddens me that im a virgin and am not going to stick anything up my hoohoo, does it work if i placed in inbetween and not inside? πŸ™ ive been suffering for ages and the itch just never takes a break!

    • Your other option is to take Liquid Kyolic as a supplement… if it were me I’d do 2 capsules at least 4 times a day until you have relief. And if you really want to, add some of the liquid in with some coconut oil and massage it externally and as much internally as you can without breaking your hymen. Here’s the supplement: Good luck!

  117. Can you do the treatment when your on your I know that’s kind of nasty sorry

  118. Yesss im glad i seen this as soon as i did i would have had a 120 doctor bill which includes meds as well l.. I can save some bucks and try this remedy….

  119. OOOOOHHHH sweet baby jesus, please let this work! Me and my vagina are totally beefing right now! I fed her 2 pills Flucanzole, 24 hours apart and nothing changed. On another note, this garlic taste in my mouth is making me crave Italian.

  120. Hello.
    I’m glad I found this remedie two days ago. I’ ve tryed it twice and it worked well for me. Thanks a lot for your help

  121. thanks much for the blog .read it and inserted the garlic up.worked well but it turned blue on day three.worried don’t know what to do next

    my labia has pimples which come and go .please help with any natural remedy!

  122. Hello! Read your article and enjoyed it! As a person who frequently gets yi, I got sick of spending so much money on monistat and going into the doctors for antibiotics that weaken me and prone me to more infections later. I inserted a clove of garlic overnight and when I tried taking it out, I could not find it anywhere. As I was digging in further to see if it got stuck further in, still no luck (will definitely be using gauze and floss to get it out easier next time). Is it possible for the garlic clove to dissolve in your vagina?? When there was discharge coming out, I did smell the garlic so I was wondering if there was a possibility that garlic does dissolve in your vagina? I don’t really taste or smell garlic in my mouth so it’s really hard to tell whether it’s still up there or not ):
    Your response will be greatly appreciated!

  123. Hi crystal

    I inserted a garlic last night and the next morning I didn’t taste any garlic what should I do to make it work. In the other hand my labia isn’t itchy but im worried beacuse there a white goowy discharge when i poop. Is this a yeast infection?

  124. I’ve Been Having Yeast And Bacterial Vaginosis for years. And whenever I go to the doctor for cure they give me two weeks duration antibiotics to take. To me it never seemed to have actually left me. I tried this remedy last night (won’t even tell u what i stuck in that thing to retrieve it) but ye i had it in for about 30 mins cz a different blog says if it’s there longer than that up there might sore and i was afraid of leavin it up there and not able to get it. My big problem is I don’t know what to attach to it or how to string a needle on it to retrieve it .

    • I have the same issue with bv… and all the dr likes to do is prescribe antibiotics, I to feel it has never really left. More importantly I would like to know the actual cause so I can take preventative measures. Does the garlic in the whoohaa work for bv as well?

  125. So I’ve had a yeast infection for about a week now, and after reading this article, I decided to try the garlic method. Unfortunately, I did not have garlic cloves on hand, but I did have minced garlic. I used the juice from the minced garlic and diluted it with water and applied it with a q-tip. Within 5 minutes I felt relief.

  126. I was in infectious diseases about 20 years – focus on seeing women with chronic vaginal problems especially recurrent yeast infections. It happens. You need to avoid all sugars while you feel an outbreak coming on. Garlic does help – but who can sit and eat raw garlic. Alot of women like AZO, but the Lady Soma Candida Cleanse pills are better as they do not have the same side effects as AZO. just google AZO side effects and you will see. If you feel a yeast infection coming on, take 4 of the Lady Soma Candida Pills for the next two days and it wont come on. I keep them in my fridge. good luck! Be careful eating raw garlic !

  127. so I came across this website cause recently I’ve been getting BV and research said garlic I needed real reviews lol! I just inserted a clove with slits in it and no string…. like a boss! so far no garlic taste! hope it works

  128. I used d garlic ..thanks it worked…only once …it didn’t burn buh as I inserted it ah felt something painful for like 5-7 minutes.woke up in morning am okay except a yellowish discharge… But d discharge stop at a moment…but d problem is am after I removed d garlic I started purging… Have b purging sinx mawnin til now..I was hoping if maybe is d garlic trying Tew cleanse my stomach….

  129. Doing this currently because I can’t stand paying so much for the otc stuff. No taste of garlic so far…

  130. I’ve been doing it for a couple of times but it keeps coming back. It’s not working. What exactly should I do. Help me

  131. I feel really stupid! I’m going on week two of my YI and I can’t take it. I’ve tried everything and tomorrow I’m seeing the doctor. My friend’s mother swore by garlic, so I’ve now done it. I’m still burning. I can’t handle the pain at all. Any advice for that?

  132. I love it! It has worked everytime for me. My family and friends think im insane.

  133. I wish i could give my baby garlic for his thrush.

  134. It’s actually really amazing for a breakout!! Clears it rite up. Up it on after moisturising and sleep with it on.

    Also ear infections apparently

  135. So I’ve been using the three day yeast infection cream and it’s still not gone so I tried rubbing garlic powder on it. It burned like hell so I quickly washed it off. But now my lady parts smell horrible like garlic and my yeast infection is still there….

    • That won’t work, you need to use the whole clove. It really does work and it’s so easy, promise!! Cut a couple small slits in it. Good luck πŸ™‚

  136. hi ladies i could not sleep the past nights with a yeast infection but went online start to read wat home remdies out there work so i tried the baking soda and apple cider vinegar and it works really fast i can taste the apple cider and the baking soda but this is wat i did
    2 tablespoons of baking soda and a dash of apple cider vinegar
    apparently the recipe needs a dash of warm water but forgot the water it burn my hooha when i applied it and add some on a pad first it bubbles then it burns then shower and after dry well wear loose panties but after 5 mintues itch has gone even found the strenght to type this now i am wearing my garlic i want this gone by morning

  137. I tried this as a lark when I couldn’t get to the pharmacy. I live out of town, and the pharmacy was closed. I could feel that all too familiar ‘itch’ coming on. So… out came the garlic. At this point, I had not consulted the web- just baking know how. I cut the clove in half ’cause it was too big. I felt immediate relief. I actually left it there for a day, and could feel the dead yeast trickling out later that day. The trick is to catch it early. I like the ‘thread the garlic’ idea though. I can’t do kegels as well as I used to.

  138. Just adding my success story to the others already posted here. I did the garlic clove “cure” for two nights and was completely yeast free. The garlic taste in the mouth thing is weird, though. I convinced myself it was psychosomatic, to stop myself from contemplating the vagina-mouth connection too deeply.

  139. i just wanted to add my story to this thread. I only had one full blast YI maybe 8 years ago where I took diflucan. And maybe once a year I feel what feels like the beginning of YI (the dryness feeling mostly). Whenever I feel it, I never thought about it twice to try the garlic as I’ve used it before with GREAT results. I mean, it may or may not be a YI but it’s garlic, and it’s natural, so I use almost as a ‘just in case this IS a YI, let’s be proactive’. I don’t even do monistan. Just garlic. Tie dental floss to the garlic and all works out. I don’t know WHY I decided to used a smaller garlic clove this time… Or why I PULLED out the string ultra fast. Whhhyyyyy!!!!!!!!! I should know better. For those of you who think that nothing can get lost ‘down there’ boy are u mistaken. Every girls… Internal plumbing is different. My clove got stuck under my cervix. I mean, I still don’t even know what that means. I freaked out. Bad. And I tried to find it, as others say you can just fetch it out. I don’t know what the hell I was clawing at to be honest cause I was not close to garlic. I don’t want to scare anyone, but it’s better to way out both sides. If it’s your first time with any symptoms, for piece of mind, go to an urgent clinic/ walk in doctors office. I must have been scraping at tissue. It was so painful. So use all precaution if and when attempting garlic. It works!!! But don’t be so sure that it CANT get lost in there. Best of luck to everyone!

  140. Hello there,
    Quick question how would i get rid of the garlic smell after taking out the garlic clove?

  141. Hi i just put the garlic inside my v. But I didnt cut it I just poked two holes in it cos I need to put strings. Lol. Will that work? Thank you.

    • After you put it inside did you feel a liitle itch inside? Or nah?

  142. Do you taste the garlic in your mouth as soon as you put the garlic inside? Or it takes an hour or minutes? Thanks.

  143. Bizzare, as all have stated. I’m in the ocean everyday, sometimes twice a day, so yeah, in this hot summer weather, and me in the water or sweating or showering, dry is not a great option. Cut the large clove in half… Even though this is ‘early’ (no yucky other issues present) the itch was driving me crazy. Each half went in, and yikes, initially the burn… but not for long. In minutes, the external and most of the internal itching has stopped. I’m a fan! I’ve never used anything other than Monistat (single or 3-day doses), and I doubt the pharmacy here even carries it. (NOT in the USA) Do I taste garlic? I def. do. SO.. for those of us that this works, I say GRAZI!!!

  144. So, my husband just had to go deep see diving to get out a rouge piece of garlic. I cut a slice in half and sewed them together, leaving a long enough tail to yank it out later. But when I did, half came out and the other half decided to play Marco Polo. I kegeled and squatted and huffed and puffed but could not blow this house down. So less than 20 minutes ago, armed with coconut oli and a desire to add gynecologist to his resume, my husband practically inserted 8 fingers inside me as I kegeled my pelvic muscles into body builder shape and finally, he was able to remove it.

    As for the garlic, I think it helped- no itching or discharge any more, but let’s see after my vagina recovers from geocaching experience.

  145. Hey gals and guys. I am 23 and have been suffering from CONSTANT vaginal, oral, and now skin yeast infections since I was 14. I have been on Diflucan for most of the almost 10 years. I’ve done the whole 6 month Diflucan thing. I was symptom free for the 6 months, but within a few days of stopping, I am FULL of vaginal yeast. I’ve done the yogurt thing (orally). Nothing helps. It spreads to my outside genitals and rectal area. I have woken up at night ripping myself apart with blood under my nails. I went to an infectious disease control doctor, but all my blood work was fine. The only thing that has ever been found was a somewhat high ANA with joint and other issues, so they thought possible lupus. No doctor ever takes it seriously. They are always shocked and awed, but they just throw Diflucan or Nystatin at me. I just recently got yeast in my arm pits. Does anyone else have this problem?

    I have been trying to do this garlic thing, but not only does it burn (which I could suffer through) but I get intense pelvic cramping a minute after inserting it vaginally. I’m thinking I’m going to skip to yogurt or coconut oil vaginally and the coconut oil orally, as well. Curious to as if anyone has had the cramping with garlic.

    I would love to find someone with a similar situation as me, as all of the doctors and specialists I have seen seem baffled with the constant, chronic yeast I have. It’s so frustrating!

    Thank you!

  146. how long the smell stayed down there? for how many days? and how much I have to push the garlic in? any help plz can I keep it for a few hours only inside? and remove it? do I will see good results?

  147. I just tried this after even Diflucan wouldn’t work and let me tell you I finally slept after 4 days of itching!!

  148. can also put lactobacillus in your douche solution. i also added it to be tampon soaked with yoghurt

  149. Just wanted to share. I have reoccuring bv and I read garlic would also help in that case. Before this I have tried so many things; antiobiotics, creams, vinegar, yoghurt, tea tree oil, sea salt, diet. Yesterday I put a clove up in me before bed. I didn’t make any holes because it was my first time and I wanted to be safe. I don’t think I tasted any garlic. No stinging. The string I used was very thin, when I pulled it in the morning it just broke the garlic and came out. So I used my finger to dig out the clove. I couldn’t tell anything sbout the smell, except it was garlicky, and maybe not so much the rotten smell from infection anymore. πŸ™‚ Today, I wanted to continue the treatment (though one night could of been just enough). I took a bigger clove, made holes in it, tried to attach the string better. Let it in for about 6-7 hours. I pulled the string and it broke the garlic again, of course. So i had to dig it with my fingers again. I am sure kegels and squatting will work for some but honestly it was way too deep/high in there, impossible to push out. So I eventually got it out, with a side of bright red blood. It wasn’t hurting at all but freaked me out.. I guess I must have tore up some tissue with my nails when digging. I have a gyno appoinment tomorrow.. Don’t want meds but maybe she will see how irritated I am now for sure and consider some extra test to see why I keep getting bv. Not sure if I will anyway continue this garlic treatment, after waiting a day or two, to see if the problem went away or not. Sorry for the long comment, but just an advice: use a string thick enough that it won’t cut through the garlic and use a clove that isn’t very big (easier to get out, if you do have to dig for it).

  150. My dentist had put me on an antibiotic and few days later I developed the infection on my lady parts and omg…..I was dying, and barely able to sleep on the third night of having it…so I came across this article and I’m basically laying in bed with this treatment screaming in agony because it burns lol…..but I hope it helps and works….I’m just afraid ima stink of garlic and my husband arrives from a long trip at sun up loooool…..Thanx for the tip and will report back on its effectiveness

  151. My dentist had put me on an antibiotic and few days later I developed the infection on my lady parts and omg…..I was dying, and barely able to sleep on the third night of having it…so I came across this article and I’m basically laying in bed with this treatment screaming in agony because it burns lol…..but I hope it helps and works….I’m just afraid ima stink of garlic and my husband arrives from a long trip at sun up loooool…..Thanx for the tip and will report back on its effectiveness…..

    Loved the reviews too

  152. Omg. I’m scared of doing this. Last night, I did this and it burned soooo bad like I couldn’t even take it. But, I scratched it before i did it though. That must be why it burnt so bad. But I’ll give this a go without scratching it. I hope it works!

  153. Please I have yeast infection and am a virgin, what should I do? Please reply fast cos am scared

  154. Hi, I am eager to try this but am so rubbish at inserting things as I am v tight down there . Can’t ever work my way around tampons either. Is it ok to use a bit if lube on the garlic clove before inserting? TIA

  155. I’ve had several yeast infections since May after having only 1 in my entire life (33 years). I’ve used Monistat and Diflucan, but I don’t want to go back to the doctor again if I can help it! It’s just so expensive and it’s not correcting the problem. I had sex approx 1 week ago and the next morning I felt the “pokey” feeling again. I don’t usually get the white, chunky discharge (just typical clear), but I am very uncomfortable and want this “rashy” feeling to go away. Just inserted my first clove of garlic. I sewed string through it and cut slits. No burning or pain upon insertion. It took about 5 minutes to notice the garlic taste, but it’s much less than I expected. I really appreciated reading every comment here so I figured I would leave one as well. I plan to update with results- good or bad.
    And I’m REALLY hoping to feel better soon and to not end up with another medical bill!

  156. Hello

    I found this website after wondering about garlic and this infections. I’m a firm believer of natural remedies πŸ™‚

    I just wanted to add that chopping the garlic up and eating it (swallowing with water like you do tablets is easiest) also works healing you internally.

    I’ve used garlic before to treat candida after stopping the pill and have eczema on my hands. It works best! And ultimately cures it without covering up the problem like some meds.

    I also used garlic with oil pulling to help with a tooth infection. This resulted in no elective root canal being needed as root canals can cause further problems.

    I hope this helps anyone further – it takes a lot of research to try resolve issues naturally πŸ™‚

  157. Hey,
    Thanks for the advice! I’m going to try it but I was wondering if this works for bacterial infections too?
    Thanks again!

  158. Two nights ago, I cut a clove of garlic in half and put it in my vagina before going to sleep. I have tried this remedy once before, so I knew it would work. I had been experiencing the worst yeast infection I had ever had before…and out of nowhere! The only thing that occurred to me is that, Monday or Tuesday night, my boyfriend and I were having sex and I wasn’t properly lubricated so my spit might have introduced yeast to my vagina.
    Anyhow, the remedy definitely works. I also took care to make sure some garlic juice got on my labia because I was in so much pain…apparently I had scratched in my sleep the night before or something…that I worried about just using an internal treatment. No sense treating the infection if the yeast is on the outside too. And in the morning, while I was showering after getting the garlic out, I soaked a washcloth in organic raw ACV and held that on my delicate lady bits through my whole shower. Just in case there was going to be any itching, I wanted to nip it in the bud. Literally, 8 hours with a garlic clove in my vagina and I’m cured. Seems like a no brainer.

    And yes, I could taste garlic. And not in a delicious garlic way. In a “I had garlic for lunch and now it’s dinner time and it’s tasting funky” way.

    Which makes me wonder now when I meet a woman with bad breath. “Honey, do you have a gut problem or a vagina problem?” isn’t a question many would get lol

  159. I saw you blog last night as I was looking for home remedies for YI. I live in a small town and our pharmacy has a limited selection of items and unfortunately, YI suppositories are not among them. I have been to several sites and blogs and the role of garlic to YI is a little mixed (some indicate that there are no scientific researches to back it up) so I really want to know stories from real women. So as I read your blog and the comments, I went to the kitchen and stuff a peeled clove, put a single small cut, sew a string and shoved it up my vag. It stung a bit but after a few minutes IT WAS RELIEF. I re-read the comments and decided to up my game and dig it to to put more cuts to it and leave it overnight. Its my second day and since I can stay at home, I have a garlic up there as I type just to make sure. Thank you again and hope others find his helpful. πŸ™‚

  160. I’ve been struggling with yi’s for years (among other lady issues), and this time it seemed to have come out of nowhere, and, to make it worse, affected my bf! Of course he is not happy with me (thinking I may have been fooling around). I am having my yearly check up next month but can’t wait or that and can’t go to the doctor every time this is an issue, and I am a great supporter of natural remedies! I started drinking Probiotics because I overheard a conversation that it helps with itchy, red feet, and with candida, in the hopes that my feet and my yi would be better. My feet are better but the yi seemed to rest and came back with a vengeance. I am trying this tonight! Don’t want to go to work with the possibility of throwing up due to the garlic taste or smelling like garlic.

    P.S. I just asked my bf if he would have sex with me if ‘she’ smelled like garlic… his response… “Yes. Of course I will!”

    I will give feedback and thanks, I have felt depressed about always being sick but seeing that I am not the only woman with this issue and that there might be a cure… and I don’t really want to use Double Cream Yogurt since I can’t find just Plain Yogurt.

  161. How long will I be garlic flavored? Im in a long distance relationship and I’m seeing my boy on Sunday it’s currently Friday at 3 am. I think I caught it early since it felt an itch and caught the weird discharge today. Of course it was thanksgiving and no pharmacies were open. I’m also a bit of a hypochondriac so any home remidies I prefer to spending a small fortune to see a doctor

  162. I did this 2 days in a row. After the first night I could definitely taste it, and my crotch smelled like garlic. It took a little work to get it out, because I didn’t know to put a string on it. So the second day I got up, had a BM cleaned up and searched for it. Couldn’t feel it. I pushed and pushed, still nothing. I didn’t taste it in my mouth or smell like garlic. Is it possible that it came out on its own?

  163. Hi crystal….am worried…. inserted a clove of garlic inside my vagina and have tried several times to remove it but can’t….inserted my fingers to locate it but its not there….will it give some side if l leave it there?

  164. I tried this last night after a UTI and I am all better now. My husband and I are trying to conceive I was a little worried if the garlic might cause problems.. I know it doesn’t make sense but garlic doesn’t harm anything down there right? I loved your article btw, I found it very helpful.

  165. Hi there!
    I used to have yeast infection every once in a while, maybe once a year in the past. This year I’ve had to take lots on antibiotics for a number of reasons and yeast became a daily struggle. Lately, I’ve tried every single over-the-counter medication but the yeast always comes back. I’ve been reading a lot about this garlic method and I’m trying it tonight.
    I hope it works!!!!

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