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Are you taking the no-poo (no shampoo) challenge with us?  Here’s your chance to check in and ask your questions.  You can see my hair in the above photo.  I’ve been no-poo for a while now.  I use a part baking soda/water wash, with part apple cider vinegar/water rinse for my hair.  And if I need some extra moisturizer, I use a little coconut oil.  And yes, I do color my hair. :)

Is your hair detoxing yet?  What are you using as your routine for washing?  Let us know how you are doing!

See details on the No-Poo Challenge, and routines for washing your hair naturally here.

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  1. I’m sort of trying it. I have really long hair so working baking soda through my hair was insanely difficult. I was even only doing the roots but my hair is so thick that I almost emptied an entire box on my head- I was a mess! So I started using pure organic Castile Soap for the first part. Is that alright?
    I tried the vinegar rinse and my ends looked and felt awful! But my roots were loving it- my roots have never been so easy to brush. I’ve been using cheap conditioner on my ends. Where can I find coconut oil that isn’t too expensive to replace my conditioner?

  2. Just wanted to mention that my last hair coloring took place the beginning of July. It’s nearly two months later and that is how my hair looks

  3. Be careful with the coconut oil or any other oil on type 2B hair (see It can weigh down hair. (I speak from personal experience).

    I “wash” with Suave Naturals Green Apple Conditioner & “Condition” with Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Conditioner.

    On this site, , the author lists all of the recommended products so you can copy & paste it quickly onto a word doc to print out. :)

  4. I’ve been doing no-poo off and on for over a year (shower every other day). Unfortunately, my hair just gets too oily, so I have to use shampoo periodically to get the grease out. It works well for my husband, but he can’t skip more than one day either.

  5. I love no-poo!! I’ve only been doing it a week and a half and had no bad transition period. I’ve only had my hair look and feel this nice when I spend lots of money at a salon and if only I’d known there was a cheap solution. The only thing I didn’t like was using the coconut oil. I think I used too much though. Thanks ttm!! Now what to do with all these free bottles of shampoo I’ve collected…

    • Hang in there Ana. Some people start detoxing after two weeks. Hopefully it keeps going well for you though!

  6. I have tried no-poo several times before and then gave up before the detox period was over. I end up looking like an oil slick be the end of week one, and I just can’t take it. However, I am determined to make it to the two week mark this time. I think I have a good ratio of baking soda to water for my wash, but I am dealing with crunchy ends and hair that doesn’t feel as soft and smooth as it did prior to no-poo. I have ordered a natural boars bristle brush as I hear that helps, but I need to figure something out for my crunchy ends! I tried some Dr. Bronner’s coconut styling creme (with coconut oil, amongst others), but it’s not doing the trick.

  7. Wow, your hair looks amazing and so shiny! I am still doing it, but my hair is like straw. I have very long straight hair. I was using a baking soda/water wash, vinegar rinse. I found that including a little scrub with plain baking soda, then pouring on some vinegar for the fizz rinse, then finally pouring a large cup with water an a little vinegar as a rinse without rinsing, works better. Yesterday I did just what you do, and my hair is so dry and dull. I’ll stick with it a while longer.

    • Maybe the coconut oil will help you out with the dry and dullness. Just a tiny bit though. Too much makes it greasy.

  8. I have been doing the challenge since you posted it on here. I guess maybe three weeks. I haven’t had a detox period as far as I can tell. I have never had oily hair. It has been working great for me. The only complaint is that my husband says I smell like Easter eggs. He hates the smell of vinegar.

    • You might try using less vinegar in your water/vinegar mix. Your hair should only smell like vinegar when wet. Hopefully that works out better for you and your husband can smell your hair in peace. :)

  9. i was just checking to see how everyone was doing on this… i have been happy to try it, but the longer i do it the worse i like it. i was perfectly happy with it for the first two months. the ends were a little dry at first, but it just took me a little balancing out to get it right. after two months i wanted to SMELL clean, so i poo’d. i went right back to no-poo and was fine for another month. then, i don’t know what happened, but the baking soda won’t rinse out completely anymore. after a week of cleaning with the soda/acv i get so itchy and flakey. i am ASSUMING it’s baking soda flaking, but i guess it just could be dry scalp. either way, shampooing cleanses it and gets rid of the itch.
    what do you think?
    thanks, T

  10. nevermind. it’s just dry and itchy because it’s winter. i remember going through this last year at this time and i was using shampoo and conditioner… a lot of other parts of my skin are also dry and itchy (mainly hands).

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