Hurry and Print some JJ Coupons

Site is letting you print ten right now. Click Here

Print two more HERE

This makes the deal at Kroger Super Sweet this week. 87 cents for the 64 oz bottle of Juicy Juice

I already got 16 earlier this week…..guess I’m just gonna have to get some more.

Thanks for the heads up from my friend Delabell

Here’s what you do with these coupons at Kroger.
Instant Nestle Rebate at Kroger when you spend $20 on two or more listed items.
Buy 8 64 oz Juicy Juice on sale 2 for $5
Totals $20
-$5 Instant Rebate (automatically comes off at register)
-8 $1/1 coupons from the above links
= $7 + tax for 8 bottles of Juicy Juice

Not a bad deal at all!
You can get this deal three times per transaction according to the Kroger Flier.

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