New Item Added to Costco Organic and Natural Price List

I had a great trip to Costco this week and was able to update the Costco Organic Price List with a fantastic new item!

My Costco now offers Carrington Farm Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (54oz) for $15.99.  That’s $0.30/oz!  This is best price I can find.  Compare to Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil (2 pack of 54oz jars), which after sales and coupons is priced at $0.41/oz.

Let me know if you find additional deals available at Costco that should be included in my list! Remember that Costco is a wholesale club that requires a yearly membership (around $50) to shop there.

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  1. Our Costco just added that within the past 2 months, also! I have a jar now. It’s great.

  2. I’ve not seen that brand at our Costco; ours carries Nutiva 78 oz for $21.99 which is a better price than I was paying through Amazon and others online.

  3. Our Costco has been carrying the organic nutiva 78 oz as well, it was 20.99 the first time I bought it (so .27 oz) but just raised to 21.99 for 78 oz (.28 per oz). Love that Costco has nutiva now! My fav brand!

  4. We have been using Nutiva for many years to make popcorn…Its the best

  5. I love the price and quality of Carrington farms coconut oil NOW it is Kirkland brand….why does Costco keep doing that. Also they no longer carry goat cheese….this is in Indianapolis.

  6. Why has Costco stopped carrying the coconut oil made by carrington farms?I love it and miss it greatly.

  7. BUYER BEWARE… BE VERY CAREFUL…! There is no such thing as “EXTRA VIRGIN” when it comes to Organic Coconut Oil… This only applies to Olive Oil… This is a sales tactic only…

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