New Items Added to the Costco Organic and Natural Price List


I made it out to Costco last night, and was able to update the Costco Organic Price List. 14 new items have been added, and a few prices on other items have been updated to reflect seasonal pricing.

Let me know if you find additional deals available at Costco that should be included in my list! Remember that Costco is a wholesale club that requires a $50 yearly membership to shop there.

  1. I was bummed my Costco in Alaska didn’t have what u have in the states then I move back to the states and my Costco here has a lot of Hispanic foods and less organic foods. :( Im Hispanic so its kinda alright but I miss my organic oj sooooo much.

  2. I have but they told me they can’t do anything until they get a larger request from people. :-/

  3. All stores are different! My store has other organic items not on Crystal’s list. But another Costco a few towns away has a different organic selection!

    Thanks again Crystal!!!!

  4. I’m curious: those who shop at Costco, do you generally find it to be a good deal? I always balk at the $50 fee – I just hate the idea of paying them for the privilege of…paying them! :P What do you all think?

    • I would be interested to hear what others think too. I personally feel it is a good deal for our family. We shop once a month or once every two months and stock up. I can’t get as good organic prices at my local stores some of these items, so it’s worth it for us.

  5. I just went to Costco the other day, and they had the big bottle of Naked Juice: Green Machine! It was around $5!

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