Jasmere: Free $5 Credit with Survey

Jasmere is offering a free $5 credit when you fill out a new survey. There’s no telling how long they will make this available, so grab it now.

Jasmere is a daily deal site that offers a lot of deals on green, organic and healthy products. I’ve gotten some amazing deals on there, and it is one of the top three daily deal sites that I check every day. Be sure to register HERE with Jasmere, and then fill out the survey HERE.

Thanks Capitally Frugal!

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  1. I’m thinking of buying the Fair Indigo voucher today, but I’m wondering if you’ve ever seen the price of the vouchers go down more than once. It seems that there is always one drastic drop (in this case from $75–>$32) but that the price never drops again. Any insight into the science of Jasmere?

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