The Great Juice vs. Smoothie Debate

The Great Juice vs. Smoothie Debate

If you had to choose between the two, which would you choose and which one is better? Don’t you miss out on all the fiber if you choose juicing over smoothies? This Juice vs. Smoothie debate has been going on for a long time. Even Batman and Robin argue over it! (heh!)

These are great questions, and it all really depends on what you are looking for. Both have their benefits.

carrot juice

FACT: 1 cup of carrot juice is the equivalent of 4 cups of diced carrots. 

Juicing eliminates the fiber so that you can quickly assimilate nutrients right away. You are also able to consume a lot more nutrients in a shorter amount of time. Just imagine blending up 10 leaves of kale. That would be hard to drink up in smoothie form, right? In juice form it can be consumed a lot faster, as you aren’t having to deal with the pulp. More nutrients and faster absorption make juice the more obvious choice for cleansing purposes.

purple smoothie

With Smoothies, you’re getting the fiber and your body has to go through the digestion process to assimilate the fiber.

There’s absolutely a benefit to drinking smoothies. You’re still getting amazing nutrients along with fiber.

Fiber is definitely necessary, but if you’re wanting to consume the nutrients faster and/or are going through a cleanse, then juicing is the better route.

Juicing is still good on a daily basis if you are getting your fiber elsewhere. Sometimes I’ll have an apple for some much-needed fiber, and then have a juice  later in the day.

Hopefully that answered your questions! Now are you ready to join me for some juicing? Let’s do it together!

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