Juicing Watermelon

juicing watermelon

One of my favorite things to do in the Summertime is to enjoy some wonderfully delicious¬†watermelon. And I especially love juicing watermelon, because it makes for a really inexpensive, yet healthy Summer treat. Even if you don’t have an expensive juicer, you can make up your own watermelon juice if you’ve got a blender and a strainer.

With watermelons being so cheap right now, and with them also producing so much fabulous juice, this is one of the best ways to get some good homemade juice for very little. So here are some ways that you can juice your watermelon for the Summer.

Blender/Strainer Method

  • Step One: Cut up your watermelon into small chunks (remove the rind).
  • Step Two: Put your chunks of watermelon in the blender and blend up until you have a nice liquidy puree.
  • Step Three: Place your strainer over a large bowl and send your mixture through the strainer.
  • Step Four: Serve and enjoy! Refrigerate any leftover juice.

At this point you have a fabulous juice to drink, or you can turn this juice into some great watermelon popsicles.

Juicer Method

If you do own a juicer, then here’s what you do.

  • Step One: Cut up your watermelon into small chunks (remove the rind).
  • Step Two: Send your watermelon chunks through your juicer.
  • Step Three: Serve and enjoy! Refrigerate any leftover juice

The best thing about juicing watermelon, is that you don’t need to own an expensive juicer to make it. It strains really easily through the strainer!

And don’t throw that leftover pulp out! Here are some things you can do with it:

  • Add it to your compost pile.
  • Mix with some lemon juice and water for a refreshing watermelon lemonade.
  • Add to your morning pancake mix for watermelon pancakes!

Do you like juicing watermelon? Check out this and more about juicing vegetables here.

What are some of your favorite variations watermelon juice? Do you add any yummy ingredients to make it even better?

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  1. We use our Champion juicer to make our watermelon juice. Sometimes we juice some mint we grow and add juice and pulp to our watermelon juice. Its so good! I hope more people juice watermelons because of your great instructions!

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