Kmart Coupon: $10 off $20 Purchase!

UPDATE:  Kmart is now calling this coupon a fraud, even though it was clearly only available on their website.  Please don’t waste your time trying to go use the coupon if you printed it.  But I do recommend everyone call Kmart corporate and let them know we don’t take kindly to being called frauds when they are the ones that issued the coupon.

Kmart has released a $10 off $20 purchase coupon HERE.  There is no print limit on this coupon, so I’m not sure how long they will leave it on their site. Thanks Saving with Shellie!

To all Companies wishing to release coupons: Stop releasing incredible coupons in PDF versions!  When there is no limit, you have no way of controlling how many coupons get redeemed, and then you end up turning customers away and making them uphappy.  So my advice:  Use a program that limits your high value coupons to two prints like all of other sensible companies!

There…I’ve said it.  Since the recent KFC and Sears fiascos, you’d think these companies would learn.

So to my readers: This coupon is on the Kmart website, so it is legit. But,  I don’t know how long Kmart will honor this coupon, so print it now and use it if you want to!

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  1. I think since it says before sale taxes but After other discounts they will honor longer because they will probably scan coupon then it has to be $20 for them to scan the coupon. what do you think?

  2. I can’t believe this is going to run through doubles the week of April 4th!!!! I can hardly contain my excitement!

  3. It says in fine print, “Cannot combine with any other coupon for the same item(s) and cannot double.” I’m assuming that means you can’t use this coupon and manufacturer coupons?! If so, then this will be a great chance to stock up on products that we don’t have coupons for, I guess. :)

    • It will work great for diapers if they will let me!! thats a box of diapers for $10.00!! Thats better than double any coupons!!

    • Did you use any manufacturer’s q’s? I don’t know why it says you can’t use other q’s. They will still get their money back from the manufacturer.

      • I used manufacturer coupons with it and it worked perfectly. I first handed over the kmart Q and then handed over my man Q after she totalled it.

  4. I agree -I wonder how long they will honor this pdf coupon as people will print it up like crazy – if they are anything like Sears of KFC, I’d say they will retract it within days:(

    • I think so too. I’m sad to think that they will start turning customers away, saying the coupon posting was fraud or something. When in fact we can all see it is on the Kmart website. That’s what Sears did. Had a coupon on their site, and then called it fraud…..bad business…and aren’t Kmart and Sears owned by the same people? Hmm..

      • I have had alot of store managers say they have no idea what a pdf is……..I wonder if the corporate world of some of these companies do?

        I have had to fight for my pdf Q’s for Palermo’s pizza @ HT last week……I told them to look on their website to find the Q, but the stores don’t seem to have access to the http://WWW…….sad,sad,sad!

      • I told my dad this very thing….that K-mart is owned by the same “smarties” as sears! Boy, we all saw it coming….it’s SO irritating when they do this over and over and then call it “Fraud” UGH!

  5. Anyone know why it printed so BIG? Just wondering! Hopefully this works, it will save a lot of money!

  6. Its no longer available on the KMART website, but if you go to and type in the searchbar, you can find it there (scroll down).

  7. Bad news to one and all, I went to use my $10 off $20 coupon at KMart and it would not scan at the register.

    After some persistence on my part, and talking to three different KMart employees, I was allowed to go through with the deal on the Huggies diapers. The manager did an override to reduce the price of each package of Huggies from $9.99 to $4.99 and then allowed me to use the two $3 off Huggies coupons.

    I came straight home and checked the KMart coupon site (coupon has been taken down) and several other couponing blogs and KMart is indeed saying that the coupon was pirated (fraud) as it was only intended for the New York area and is now not to be accepted anywhere.

    At least I got my diapers.

  8. i was told this afternoon when i called 866-kmart4u that the coupon would be working monday 3-22. she said if i had any problems to call her back while in the store.

  9. this is a fraudulent coupon. I have called KMart customer service and they said it will be refused. They are trying to figure out how it is showing up as being on their website. Call Customer Service 866-562-7848. The guy I spoke to said if you can’t access it from then it isn’t something they have put out there. That would explain the PDF and the unlimited prints.

    • Kmart can cry fraud all they want. That is just Kmart trying to do damage control on their behalf. They just aren’t going to admit that they are the ones at fault. No one hacked into their website and done this. They clearly messed up and now are trying to cover their tracks. A friend and I used this coupon last night and it was accepted then. They should make a formal statement to the public and accept responsibility for their mistake.

      This is absolutely bad PR for Kmart and they know it. Own up to it Kmart and MAYBE people will start to move forward.

  10. Yes, definitely looks like a dead deal. I was able to use mine last night and got a package of Joe Boxer panties and 2 short sleeve shirts out the door for $12 and some change. I’m happy but I know there are going to be some very unhappy Kmart shoppers today. Wouldn’t want to be an employee @ Kmart right now dealing with angry shoppers………

    Can anyone confirm if this coupon will be accepted with a competitor?

  11. I work at Kmart and I can tell you right now that these coupons are NOT being accepted at our stores.
    They were originally supposed to be released for a SMALL handful of stores and it somehow got released to everyone. Do not waste your time. Kmart stores will NOT honor these.

  12. Yes, it was on their website…I specifically went to their site and found it on their homepage. I clicked on it and it took me to the PDF file and then I printed. I hope they aren’t going to try to say that it was fraudulent and that it was never on their site. Too many of us saw it on there. This isn’t gonna make for happy customers come April 4th!!!

    I can completely understand them making an “ooops” mistake and then taking it down but if it were meant for only certain locations then whoever put it up on the kmart website homepage is probably in BIG trouble. I sure wouldn’t want to be them!

  13. My friend & I used 3 coupons each today. After I took my coupon out the cashier went to the service desk to ask them a question & then came back & finished ringing up our order. We bought 1 item for ourselves & then bought diapers to donate to the Salvation Army. Glad we went when we did & that we were able to buy something to help others : )

  14. I work at a kmart in New York and we were taking the coupons today. We got an email saying they were posted on our site but the coupon was suppose to read in Chicago area stores only. We let our customers use them today just can’t use them with any other coupon.

  15. Where is this coupon? I click on the link and it takes me to the website and has a book for store events.

  16. I just came from Kmart and used it, it didn’t scan but they pushed it through. If it was only for the Chicago stores, then it shouldn’t have said “valid at all Kmart locations” I kind of thought they were going to say it was for Chicago only because the website was for the Chicago renaissance thing… but it’s called the “world-wide web” for a reason… perhaps they need to create a Chicago wide web if they want to do things like this!

  17. i used this coupon this AM for diapers, with no problems – and went back in this evening to use another coupon and there is a sign posted on the front door to KMART that says – this coupon is fraudulent and will not be accepted in this store. (zanesville, ohio)

    this is bad business on kmart’s end – and i will not be shopping there unless necessary. (ie.: free item… or pennies on a deal)

  18. I went to Kmart today around 6pm and was able to use 2 of the coupons. However, neither one scanned and both had to be overridden by the associate. He called his manager over before overriding the price and the manager told him to force the deal through. Neither the manager nor the associate said anything about the coupon being fraudulent. I was able to get some crazy deals on some clearance merchandise so I was really excited.

  19. I am on the phone right now with Kmart and complaining that my store would not accept these coupons, and was told that there was a mistake in the coupons, it was only meant for a few stores like in Chicago, New York, but not all over , and were accidentally let out for everyone to print. To make things right for me they were planning on sending me a coupon to use at Kmart, and when I asked how much the coupon was for they said it was for 10% off a purchase, which for a 20 dollar purchase that is only $2. Not worth the drive, so I told him to forget it. They really messed up this time !

  20. There are a lot of people on facebook complaining that they were accused of fraud because they tried to use this coupon. I lost a lot of respect for Kmart today…

  21. I don’t really think we should be mad at Kmart. Bloggers announced that q then gave a direct link to the coupon like that was on a Chicago renaissance page. It was obvious it was targeted to a certain area. When I find a q like that, I go to the home page and see if I can “get to” the coupon from the home page. If I can’t, I figure that Kmart didn’t want me to have access to that page. They have made mistakes in this whole ordeal, but I think it is clear that they didn’t intend for the whole country to use this coupon.

  22. Wow; I printed this coupon earlier and just got to use it today – a friend and I each used one – had no trouble at all (no need for overrides or manager approval or anything). I hadn’t realized all the trouble others were having – what a pain – I guess our MD store didn’t get the word to refuse it yet!

  23. Ashley – It’s funny that your store is claiming these coupons were intended for “chicago areas only”, because my Kmart in Henderson, Ky is claiming they were intended for “new york areas only”. Sounds to me like there was some kind of big mistake on Kmart’s end. Too bad they don’t just admit their mistake instead of covering their tracks saying someone got into their system. If it was a bad employee that did this, then they should just let us know! If your Kmart isn’t in the New York area and accepts these coupons, the $10.00 will probably end up coming from the cashier’s paycheck. I went to my Kmart and argued with the cashier, her supervisor, and the manager. My coupon had a different bar code and date than the one in their posted flyer, but the system still wouldn’t take it. I also got mine DIRECTLY FROM the Website.

  24. I just noticed the link going to a chicago specific page. Now it has me thinking that maybe the webmaster got this link skrewed up being available to everyone. But really, Kmart should have accepted the mistake and went ahead and let everyone use it! Why should people in New York and Chicago get a break, but nobody else.

  25. Regardless of whether the coupon was only intended for use at certain stores, it CLEARLY states on the coupon – “VALID AT ALL KMART STORE LOCATIONS”

    There is a whole paragraph of restrictions – if they didn’t want it to be used at all stores, it should say NOT VALID AT ALL KMART LOCATIONS, or “FOR USE AT PARTICIPATING STORES ONLY”

    I was not allowed to use my coupon last night and sent a complaint to corporate when i got home. This morning, I got a response saying they value their customers, so they are sending me a new coupon for $10 off a $50 purchase. WHAT??? Yes, you refused to take your own coupon, costing me $10 I had no intention of spending… so to make up for it, you expect me to spend even MORE money at your store? I THINK NOT.

  26. Sears now owns Kmart (when you sign up for the rewards program it is good in both stores).
    Remember this last summer when Sears had the “fraud” $10 juniors coupon on their website. Sears actually printed a coupon nationally in Teen Vogue magazine.
    This sounds like the same scam to me because both Sears and Kmart didn’t state that the coupon was a fraud but they they decided to “cancel” or “not honor” the deal advertised.
    Sounds like false advertising to me. A way to generate people going in the stores and buying something anyway even without a coupon.
    I say ban shopping at Sears and Kmart. Call or email your state attorney general and bring this problem to there attention.
    What do you think?

  27. I tried to use mine today and was refused. Cashier pointed to sign at the door saying that internet $10 coupons were NO good.

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