Korres: Free Shipping and Gift ($30 Value) With Any Purchase

Check out this email promotion that Korres sent out:

With ANY purchase you will get FREE shipping and a Cosmetic bag loaded with freebies (a $30 value!!).

What’s in the bag:

Guava Body Butter
Wild Rose 24 Hour Moisturizer
Evening Primrose Eye Cream

Plus you will get to choose three extra smaller samples.

This site has a bunch of great natural and organic  products, and there are plenty of really cheap items that could make this deal really awesome.

I decided on this Lemon Gum HERE that is just $2.50.  I used code PREVIEW for 20% off, and paid $2 for this, three small samples,  and the cosmetics goodie bag valued at $30!!  While you will not see the goodie bag in your cart, don’t worry because it will come according to the email.   Hip2Save also reports that the goodie bag will come.


UPDATE:  It appears that Korres is claiming the offer as a typo, and they will not be honoring the gift bag with purchases under $25.  I suggest you either cancel your order or wait and contact the Better Business Burea after you receive your products. Sorry guys!

SECOND UPDATE:  It looks like Korres is going to be shipping out all our orders for FREE, and sending us some nice freebies (see comments and check your emails for details).  This is the first time I am extremely pleased with the way a company has handled an error in a campaign.  Korres defintely has this blogger’s thumbs up from now on.

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  1. wow! thanks for passing this along! i have used korres products before and they are great! spendy – but great :)

  2. Thanks so much for the info. However, when I tried to process the order, I got an error message: unable to process order. I have checked and double checked the order. Has anyone else had this trouble.

    By the by, I am new to couponing & love your site.. I just paid $.14 for items retail value $18.30 for retail value $92.99. This is my largest savings to date and am so proud of myself.

  3. Thanks for posting this great deal! Just be sure to type in the promo code by hand (don’t copy and paste or it will say it’s invalid). It was so much fun to pick out my 3 additional samples at the end of the order!

  4. I just places and order and went with the orange-mint gum for $2.00! I hope the goodie bag comes too!

  5. Did other people get confirmation e-mails? Because I haven’t received anything…

  6. Thanks so much for your help with processing my order. I did in fact, place the order. The $2 was deducted from my checking account last night and like you, I have not received any confirmation. I hope we get the gift packs.

    Again, thank you so much for all your hard work. I love your site.


  7. I just looked at the fine print on the website and the first thing I read said ANY purchase but if you click where it states offers it says the bonus product bag is with orders of $25.00 or more?

  8. UPDATE: I contacted the company and they stated it was a typo for “ANY” purchase and they will not be honoring it. The actual deal is with a $25.00 or more purchase.

  9. I didn’t see that anywhere Maureen, and believe me I looked. I hope they honor it. I’ve saved a screen shot of the offer on my computer so that I have fighting power with the BBB if they don’t honor this.

  10. When you are on the website…go to the little spot on the top (sort of in the middle of the page) that says “offers, free samples” and when you click on it it states “all orders $25 or more”. I decided to call the company to find out definately which it is and she said “We have had alot of trouble with this today because it was worded wrong in the email” I asked if they would be honoring it and she said “No..not unless the order was over $25, but you do get to pick 3 small samples if it is under 25 and save 20%”. I really hope you have good luck with getting them to honor…it was a fantastic deal. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news…..

  11. This really stinks! I can’t believe they said they wouldn’t honor the deal for everyone who made a purchase before they changed it on the site!

  12. I got an email this evening saying it was a ‘typo’ and that they were cancelling and refunding my order. Ugh. That is pretty big words for a typo!!

  13. I got that same email, darn! I was really hoping the deal would go through, but when it wasn’t showing up when we placed the order, I was wondering if it would happen or not. I am interested to see what happens.
    Thanks for the updates!!
    .-= KeriLyn@SheSaved´s last blog ..Shoplet Gift Card Winners… =-.

  14. I alao got an email saying my order was cancelled and it was for orders over 25.00

  15. I just got an email from Korres dated July 21, 2009 that there was an “error” with the free gift promotion. There should have been a minimum purchase of $25.00 made for the offer to work. My order was cancelled by Korres since I didn’t meet the minimum. That’s why some of you are receiving an error at checkout.

    I am not happy however, that Korres is not honoring all orders/purchases made prior to changing the minimum purchase. They should fulfill ALL orders sent prior to the change. As you have read-some of you were sent this promotion all ready without making a min. purchase.

  16. I agree with all of you whose orders were accepted, then cancelled with the “new rules”. It’s not fair, and they should honor their promotion prior to changes. I emailed them and told them it’s fraud offering something than not fulfilling it BEFORE they changed the offer. They are also discriminating by fulfilling some offers and not others before their “mistake”.
    I encourage all of you to email Korres. I wonder if the Better Business Bureau knows.

  17. I also rec’d the same email late last night from Korres, stating their error and cancellation of my order. I don’t know if it will be of any help, but here is my email reply, to their email:

    Dear Korres,

    I am sorry about YOUR “error” in your original email offer, that was made available to the public consumer to place a purchase order with your company. It is not fair that you are now not honoring an order that included the FREE offers on ANY dollar amount purchase – without a minimum amount required – for my order that was placed, based on your ADVERTISED offer, BEFORE you discovered your advertised offer error and THEN decided to update your website information with the corrected offer. As any other good company would, you should honor your advertised promotion, for ORDERS PLACED AND CONFIRMATION ACCEPTED, prior to changes.

    Do you realize that this is FRAUD ADVERTISING by accepting an order that you advertised and later decided not to fulfill, BEFORE you changed the offer? You are also DISCRIMINATING by fulfilling some offers and not others before realizing your “mistake”. I strongly encourage your company to reconsider the cancellation of my order. Please be assured that if my order is not fulfilled – as it was already confirmed accepted – I will be contacting the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU to inform them of your poor choice in conducting business with the general public.

    Please reply promptly to my email with your updated decision. Thank you for your understanding of who should take responsibility for your company’s “error mistake” in your originating public advertised offer.


    Trina xxx
    Public Consumer
    Future Customer pending

  18. Hi all,
    After sending a very concerning letter myself this morning similar to Trina’s, I received this hopeful response from Korres. Korres agrees they “dropped the ball”. Please read their email..

    Dear Michelle,

    We’ll be sending an email blast out to all affected by this situation with the resolution below but we wanted to personally respond to your email more quickly to address your serious concerns. We appreciate your business and hope the following resolution helps restore your good opinion of Korres Natural Products in some small way. While we cannot fulfill your expectations fully and ship the promised 3-pcs gift set we do hope the resolution we are able to offer is a least closer to your desired outcome than canceling your order.

    We sincerely regret all that has transpired in the cancellation of your order. We’ve heard all of your concerns, read the blog posts, and received all of your criticism – and we’ve taken all of it to heart.

    Simply, you are right. We could explain all kinds of things to you about what happened. But, really, the point is that you desired to be our customer. And we blew it. So, to explain is pointless . . . the age-old rule is that, as the customer, you are right.

    We’re a better company, a better brand, and filled with better and caring people than what has been presented to you so far. While we realize your confidence and trust may never fully be restored, we’d like to do our best to bring things to a better place with you.

    We will be shipping your order – free of any cost to you – no later than Friday July, 24th. We’ll be including a special gift of our Body Butter Trio – a collection of three of our best-selling body butters, $24.50. We regret that a lack of inventory prevents us from shipping the promised 3 pcs gift . If your credit card hasn’t already been credited for any charges related to your order, it is in process.

    Even more than your business, we value your opinion of us. We are deeply apologetic for the time and aggravation you’ve spent on this situation. It’s our error, and we hope you will accept our sincere apologies.

    Amy Schneider

    Website Manager

    Korres Natural Products


  19. I got the official apology e-mail this morning. I realize it was their mistake, but they are definitely being more than generous by shipping our orders for free and including an extra gift! I, for one, will definitely be shopping their next sale as thanks!

  20. I received the same email and am happy the followed through, they did not need to give us all our orders free though, that was very generous of them. I will be ordering from them again in the future.

  21. Well I guess it is always worth the effort in contacting them in a situation like this.
    After sending my reply email to Korres yesterday morning, I too rec’d their apology email last night. It pretty much said the same information as what Michelle’s apology email stated (see above), except it was not personalized to me specifically; it was from their email blast.
    I agree that it was not necessary, but kind and considerate of them to decide not to charge anyone at all now for their orders. The replacement Body Butter gift they are including is a nice gesture, letting consumers know that they do care about our concerns, and our future customer business. (When a company makes good on their error, it definitely influences my decision to continue to purchase from them in the future).
    I hope everyone else rec’d the same treatment.

  22. Yep, got the secong e-mail stating my order will be sent, very impressed, and so glad to see a company handling an error like this in such a great way. I will deffinately look out for their sales in the future to send a little more business their way!
    .-= Kory´s last blog ..More fun resources =-.

  23. I received my order on Friday. I love the smell of the quince body butter that came in the free product pack they sent. These will make great stocking stuffers!

  24. I wasn’t aware of Korres renegging on the offer but I did notice that I received a $2.00 credit in my checking account and the 3 body butters were delivered today. The lemon gum lost its flavor within 2 minutes of chewing, but the body butters are quite nice. Thank you to all who wrote in.

  25. Just thought I would let everyone know that I rec’d everything Korres replied to and promised:
    The credit refund on my account, my original purchase order, and the bonus body butter trio items they sent as an apology for their error.
    This company definitely gets an “A” in my customer service category.
    BTW – I too, didn’t care for the gum, but I love the body butters. They are very moisturizing!

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