Krazy Kroger Markdowns

I ran out to Kroger tonight, and in the natural/organic section there were five or six big bins piled full with organic stuff all clearanced at least half price. Great thing about this is you can use coupons on these things. There was some earth’s best baby food marked down to 49 cents a jar, organic dressings, chips, natural health and beauty products, teas, and a lot more stuff. Some odwalla carrot juice was marked down over half price as well. I walked out of there with over $300 in great organic stuff and only spent $100. This is more than I’ve spent on a month’s worth of groceries in the past two months, but I think it was well worth it for the awesome stuff I got. Oh yeah, I also got Jason products and Earths Best sunscreen for babies with all of this. It was a great haul tonight. Sorry I don’t have a pic on this one. Too much stuff, and I had to get dinner in the oven.

Go check out your Kroger, and make sure you have your coupons with you!!!
(don’t worry, I didn’t clean them out!)

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