Another Late Monday Night Publix Run


Are you all noticing a pattern with my Publix shopping?  I seem to procrastinate until Monday night, and rush out at the last minute so that I can get the penny item.  I never said I was perfect….. :)

Jennie O ground turkey $3.99 – free item coupon

2 Jennie O Italian sausages $2.99 ea. – 2 $1/1 peelies on product

2 Carnation $4.49 ea. – 2 $1/1 coupons

2 half gallons of Organic Valley Milk – 2 $1/1 coupons + -$3 wyb 2 Carnation

2 Publix Baby wipes $2.49 ea – B1G1 coupon Publix Baby Club home mailer

Organic Bananas $1.64 – $1/1 any produce Publix Baby Club home mailer

4 Yo Plus $1.25 ea – 4 $1/1 + -$1/1 any dairy Publix Baby Club home mailer

Publix Vanilla Wafers $1.99 – Penny Item Coupon

4 Starbucks Ice Cream $1.80 and $1.79 ea – 4 $2/1 coupons

Used Rite Aid $5/25 Competitor coupon.

Total Spent: $10.21  Total Saved: $55.20

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  1. I have a question. I have a extracare/coupon from CVS that states “Save $10 on any Purchase of $50 or more. Can I use that at publix to get 10 dollars off my 50 dollar purchase there?

    • Angela – If your Publix will accept CVS coupons as a comeptitor, then yes you can use that there.
      Brandy – Walmart does not accept competitor coupons.
      Anita – It was a Publix in Acworth.

  2. Which Publix did you go to? Mine over in New Hope will no longer take the Rite Aid coupon.

  3. I wonder why when I printed the coupon for the carnation breakfast it said $1 off 2. I have another question, in my ad it says $3 off milk when your purchase 2 carnations, how did you get the ground turkey free? Thanks

  4. Nice trip, Crystal. I need to learn how to use overage from coupons to get free or near-free items the way you do. You’re so good at it. My Publix doesn’t recognize Rite-Aid or Walgreens as competitors. So I can’t use those wonderful $5/$25 coupons. :-(

  5. I keep seeing the sales for Starbucks ice cream on yours and other blogs but it is not showing in my store or in my publix ad. I guess this is a regional sale? We have Ben and Jerrys on BOGO this week and I live in North FL near JAx

  6. Crystal (coupon cupboard): I just looked in the Publix weekly ad for Jacksonville Florida. If you look at the fine print under the Ben & Jerry’s B1G1 info, you’ll see that it says “OR STARBUCKS ICE CREAM.” At my Publix (in Norcross, Ga) they only have signs on the freezer doors for Ben & Jerry’s, but those signs also have in small print “or Starbucks.” So I’m sure they are on sale in your Publix. I got 10 pints using three $1.00 coupons, four $1.50 coupons, and two $2.00 coupons!

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