Liz Claiborne Outlet Closing Sales + $100 Giveaway

**Update: this giveaway is now closed.  Stay tuned for the announcement of the winner!**

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Liz Claiborne New York Outlets. All opinions are 100% mine.

Liz Claiborne New York Outlets are closing and moving to JCPenney and QVC.  Because they are closing down their outlet stores, Liz Claiborne contacted me to offer my readers a giveaway.  They sent me a gift card to go on a shopping spree and I had such a blast shopping.

So I went shopping the other day, calculated up my purchases to where I would use my entire gift card.  Did I mentioned I splurged on two cashmere sweaters? Yummy! I don’t think I’ve ever owned a cashmere sweater in my life.  I never buy cashmere because it is so expensive, but I was able to splurge during this outlet sale.

Liz Claiborne 3

After the cashier rang up all of my purchases, I came in WAY under what I had calculated, so you know they are really offering some great deals here. Thanks to coming in under and getting some incredible bargains, I was able to splurge on some nice shoes to go with my new outfits and wallet.

Liz Claiborne 2

Liz Claiborne 1

The best part of the entire shopping spree was that I actually fit into a size 8 pants (insert squeal and triple exclamation marks)!!! After 30 days on the Shred I was amazed to find I had dropped an entire pant size.  Thanks to Liz, I now have two pairs of pants in my new size. If you would like to go check out the deals going on right now, use the Liz store locator.

Liz Claiborne New York Outlets want to give one of my readers a $100 shopping spree, you ready to shop ’till you drop?

Here’s how to enter:

1.  Just leave a comment here on this post.  If you’d like, tell me which store you plan to go check out the deals at.

For Extra Entries:

2. Tweet about this giveaway  or 3. Blog about this giveaway, and leave an extra comment for each one you do showing me where you did so.  Optional Tweet:

Enter to win a $100 Shopping Spree to Liz Claiborne Outlets! #giveaways via @crystalecollins

Please be sure to read all giveaway guidelines and disclosures before entering. Giveaway ends Wednesday, November 3, 2010 at 8 PM EST.  Giveaway is sponsored by Liz Claiborne New York Outlets, so please read their guidelines here.

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  1. I Love Liz Claiborne, I haven’t been shopping for myself in too long.

  2. Oooh, would love to win this; who knew they were going out of business? Can’t wait to check out the sales; thanks for this chance !

  3. I would go to the Liz Outlet mall in Ellington. I can’t believe they are closing, but i did see some Liz stuff in my JCP. Cool giveaway!

  4. I love Liz Claiborne Outlet…I would shop at the Edinburgh, IN outlet…in fact, I was there 2 weeks ago and bought the exact sweater in your picture in 3 different colors!!

  5. way to go on the size 8! I love Liz clothes and look for them at thrift stores all the time. . .it would be fun to buy some brand new things! thank you

  6. So exciting! I need new boots. Thanks Liz for the giveaway.

  7. I would love to use this gift card at the Allen Premium Outlets. What a great giveaway! My sister-in-law would love a Christmas gift from here.

  8. I would love to check out their store in CALHOUN, GEORGIA

  9. WOW, great giveaway, I would be shopping in Orlando, Florida

  10. If I won this I’d be heading to the Albertville mall- the only MN location but hey, it’d be worth it!

  11. Wow this would be great! Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. what an awesome giveaway. I could really use some new clothes

  13. This would be wonderful for my mom…she would be sooo excited! It would also give us an excuse to get out of town and head to Portland!! Yeah!!

  14. I don’t know where they are located by me, but I’m sure I can find one! Thanks for the giveaway. Congrats on losing the pant size! You’ve inspired me to do the 30 day shred– I’m now on day 5.

  15. I will be shopping at the Jackson NJ outlet! I would love to win the $100 :)

  16. I will be shopping at the Troutdale location

  17. Oh the many things to buy with that giftcard. What a wonderful giveaway!

  18. I love to shop at the Liz Outlets! I hate to hear that they’re closing!! I’m not even sure where the nearest one is now that they closed the one in Boaz Alabama.

  19. Oh…I’d love to go buy some new sweaters. I can’t afford any this year since we’re moving, but could use some winter clothes.

  20. Ooh great giveaway! I could REALLY use this because an opportunity has just come up that may require some more professional clothes (for this WAHM). I would use it at the Prime Waterloo Outlet Mall store in Waterloo, NY! Heading off to tweet this…

  21. (please disregard my last reply I only half read, I’m very sorry)

    I’d go shopping at the Calhoun, GA store it’s so close to me now that we’re moving.

  22. This would be great! I’d be visiting the Leesburg, VA store.

  23. Woohoo! Great giveaway. I’m only about ten miles from the outlet store in Washington!

  24. This would be great to get my mom something nice for Christmas!!

  25. Boy, would I love to win this! I love Liz and I need everything!

  26. I LOVE the Liz Claiborne outfflet stores, and have been shopping at them for close to two decades! I am sad to hear they are closing, but I will definitely hit their sale soon in Bluffton, SC….whether I win or lose, but hopefully I’ll win! Thank you for the opportunity!

  27. I love many of Liz Clairborne accessories and clothing. They sand behind their product. I will miss seeing them.

  28. I love Liz Claiborne outlet stores! This $100 shopping spree would come in handy with Christmas shopping coming up!

  29. So excited! Going to the Liz Claiborne outlet in Williamsburg, VA!! :)

  30. I would use it to go hopping in Cincinnati. Thank you for the giveaway!

  31. hmm…i guess i need to check out the outlet store in lancaster, pa to see if i can snag some deals. i’m so in need of a wardrobe makeover after having two kids in less than two years!

  32. Do we have to shop in New York to participate? I’m in CA but Liz Claiborne has been my favorite store since I was in high school. LOVE their clothes – they’re so classy. Anyway, if it is ok to shop at an outlet in CA, then I’d love to be entered in the contest. Thanks!

  33. The outlets near me are one and a half hours away. One to the north in Waterloo,NY and the other one is south in Tannersville, PA. Would love to win and do some shopping for myself for a change. Great job on dropping a size!

  34. First of all, Congrats on the new pants size!! Woohoo! I have lost 30lbs in the last yr and a half and I am still lacking in wardrobe myself. I could totally use a shopping spree! I love the shoes you grabbed by the way! I would be hitting up the Wrentham Outlets in MA! Thanks!

  35. I will be going to the Vacaville Premium Outlets later this month. I had Gastric Bypass 1 and 1/2 years ago and lost 96 pounds!!!!!! I really need some Winter clothes that fit my new body.
    Thanks for the chance!!!!

  36. I always buy for everyone else…I would LOVE some new clothes for myself!! Thanks!!

  37. I’m going to check out the Vacaville Outlet location!!!

  38. I recently lost some weight also, and would love to pick up some new clothes! I can’t afford to right now, so it would be perfect!

  39. I love all your finds! So great to get some good deals! The closest outlets to me are Blowing Rock NC or Myrtle Beach SC.

  40. This would be such a blessing–I have been teaching at a community college and could really use some new clothes. i would be shopping at the wretham outlets in Mass.

  41. I love Liz! There’s a store about an hour from here that I”ll be going to if I win. :)

  42. My closet one is an hour away, but with such great deals, totally worth the drive!

  43. Wow!! I want what you got!! Such nice things!! Congrats on going down a pants size!! enter me in the giveaway please!!

  44. Forgot to mention I’d shop at the Grove City Outlets in Grove City, PA!!

  45. I would love to win! I would probably go to the one in Aurora or the one in Branson, MO, depending on who I’m shopping with! Thanks for the giveaway!

  46. i love liz claiborne! if i win ill shop in clinton ct for bags!

  47. I’d be at the Philadelphia Premium Outlets in Pottstown. Fingers crossed :)

  48. Great deal! I will be checking out the outlet in Jackson, NJ.

  49. I just started the 30 day shred today and applaud you for going through with it. That is tough! I hope the smaller pant size incentive will be enough to keep me going.

  50. What a great giveaway…I’d love something new for the holidays from Liz Claiborne at Woodburn Company Stores!

  51. I love Liz (notice we’re on a first name basis)! I visit her in Kittery, Maine.

  52. Perfect timing! I am Headed to the Williamsburg, Virginia Outlets!

  53. What a great chance to score great quality clothes!!! I would like to go shop at the one in Foley, Alabama. I hope I am a lucky winner!

  54. Cashmere sweaters! I would love some too. I am going to San Diego for a conference and would love a chance to check out the outlet there. Thank you for the great prize.

  55. I would love to share this with my mom and sis-in-law at our local Tulare Liz Claiborne store

  56. I am going to check out the store at the Chicago Premium Outlets in Aurora, IL!

  57. Nice to save money and to be stylish with Liz Claiborne!

  58. awesome giveaway! I could use some new clothes for sure–between having kids and gaining and losing weight, my wardrobe is pretty sparce–and sad!

  59. Would love this! I too lost a pant size using the Shred and need some new clothes. Thanks for the giveaway!

  60. Me and my two young boys went to the Leesburg VA outlets recently and I saw the sign up at Liz. But since I was shopping with them I didn’t want to shop for myself (it’s just not relaxing). So to win this could potentially be a date night trip with my honey and leave the kiddos with Gramma. Wouldn’t that be wonderful!

  61. oh, good one!! I’d love to win this one and I’d be visiting one of the stores in TN (unfortunately not at Opry Mills :(, it’s still closed from flood damage)

  62. I would go to the Calhoun GA store. I LOVE those shoes, very cute.

  63. I love Liz clothes and shoes and handbags . Good quality . Please enter me in the giveaway.

  64. I lover her handbags and shoes and sweaters. Enter me please

  65. Just was at the Auburn Hills, MI store, would love to go back! That ruffly shirt is so cute!!!

  66. Shopping Liz Outlet @ Tanger in Locust Grove. It’s an hour drive from my house, but worth the trip! Thanks for the shopping info.

  67. Very cool Prize! Those shoes you bought are soooo cute! Would love to win this prize!

  68. Love Liz Claiborne! Best professional clothes!

  69. I went down 5 pant sizes since having my baby last year and none of my clothes fit and my husband hasn’t been working. This would be such a blessing!
    Thank you!

  70. I would go to the Fleminton, NJ store… I had no clue they were closing, and was just at the outlets a few weeks ago for early Christmas shopping! I might have to go back soon even if I dont win!

  71. Love, love, love Liz Claiborne outlet! Sad to hear that they’re closing. The Lancaster, PA outlet is a staple for me.

  72. I’ll keep my fingers crossed! Thanks to you & Liz Claibourne for the opportunity!

  73. I could use new clothes. Thanks for the chance.

  74. Love Liz Claiborne, can’t wait to shop their sale.

  75. I would go shopping at the outlets in myrtle beach, sc

  76. I would love to go with my sister to the Liz Claiborne outlet at Clinton Crossing in CT. We love shopping together and rarely get to anymore.

  77. I would love this! I would go to the outlet at Clinton Crossing, CT

  78. I am so sorry to see the outlets close. Unfortunately we don’t have one in our town but I always shop there when I visit my Aunt and Uncle near Atlanta. If I win the gift card I plan on going to the Tanger outlet with my Aunt.

  79. I would love to win this! It would make a great gift for my sister!!

  80. I would love to go visit my sister and her baby, and stop by the Williamsburg, IA store along the way!

  81. I just lost 10 pounds and would LOVE to go buy new clothes that actually fit! I’ve never really shopped at Liz Claiborne so I would have to check out the nearest one to my house!

  82. I would love to spend this at the outlet in Williamsburg, VA!

  83. I’m tingling from my head to my toes at the thought of a chance to win a gift card. I love Liz Claiborne! I’d be shopping in Aurora, Il. Best of Luck all!

  84. I tweeted about this fabulous give-a-way! Fingers crossed that I win.

  85. I would love some new clothes for me instead of the kids! And congrats on your new size!

  86. This is AWESOME!! I would be happily shopping in PA. I could really use this!!!

  87. Great tip – lots of the grocery stores featured here don’t exist in my area of the country but I was excited to read about this deal, because there is a Liz outlet just down the road from me. Isn’t it fun to shop for clothes when you’ve been doing great on your exercise routine? Thanks for the chance to win!

  88. I have never boughten from them…I am going to go and check out their site….

  89. This would be great, thanks for the chance! I would head to either Hershey or Lancaster, PA.

  90. Love Liz Claiborne would love to get myself somethings I never buy for just me lol its always for the kids.

  91. I love the Liz Claiborne Outlet! Would love the gift card!

  92. Would LOVE to go shopping with $100 gift card. Finger crossed, I will be the lucky one!

  93. I shop at the Liz Claiborne Outlet in Aurora Farms (Ohio) and I would LOVE the $100 towards a shopping spree there before they close up shop!

  94. I would love love love to win this! I would use it in Washington State!

  95. I would go to the Liz Claiborne Outlet at the Aurora, IL Prime Outlet Mall.

  96. Love it! I know where I’m going tomorrow, the Winter Park Florida LC!

  97. The closest Liz store is at the Aurora outlets for me in the Chicago burbs! Thanks for the opportunity!

  98. What an awesome giveaway! I could definately use some new clothes for the fall and I would love to one a gift card and then take a day trip up to Allen Texas to visit the outlet.

  99. Our outlet closed. Thanks for sharing that they are online!

  100. What a great prize! Thanks Liz Claiborne outlets! I would L.O.V.E. to win this!! Thanks!

  101. I like to visit the Sevierville, TN store, I’m a local…although I hate the Smoky Mountain traffic this time of year!!! But a deal is a deal!

  102. Great giveaway! I’ve never shopped there before, but this would give me a very good excuse to make a trip to the one at our local outlets!

  103. Great giveaway! I’ve never shopped there before, but this would give me a very good excuse to make a trip to the one at our local outlets!

  104. I love Liz Claiborne. I shop at the store in Sawgrass (Sunrise FL)

  105. I have never won anything… but will give this a try, the Liz Claiborne Store in the Tanger Outlet Center in Blowing Rock, NC is where I am going Christmas shopping!

  106. Would love to check out the sales at the Sevierville, Tennessee store.

  107. I tweeted about the giveaway (twitter name – emilymullins1)

  108. Would love to give my lovely wife a shopping spree for her upcoming 40th!

  109. This is a great giveaway, I would love to win, it would help out with some Christmas shopping!!

  110. How fun! I’ve been wanted to visit the Castle Rock Factory Outlets just outside of Denver since we moved here. Winning this will give me the excuse!

  111. I think they have one in Nashville, so I would go there, hope I win

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