Natural and Thrifty in 365: #189 Load Your Dishwasher

You may be surprised to find that using a dishwasher is more eco-friendly than washing dishes by hand.  A study by the University of Bonn, Germany found that time, water, and energy were all used more economically by loading an electric dishwasher.

So pat yourself on the back the next time you do your part to conserve energy and water by avoiding manual dishwashing.

You can find the complete study results here.

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  1. I really find that hard to believe. If you’re the sort that washes under running water maybe. But for those of us that don’t fill the sink (or anywhere close to) I think this study is just wrong. I know I barely put a 1/4 of what the sink will hold to both wash and rinse. . Less water, less waist, and far less energy to heat it then the dishwashers three rounds of water that it heats again even though it pipes in hot water. Then uses the element again to heat dry.

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