Local Readers: Upcoming Consignment Sale, Produce & Grain Bargains!

Consignment Sale:

For those of you that are in the Northwest Georgia area, I wanted to bring a couple of things to your attention.  This weekend is the Hope Church Second Helpings Consignment Sale.  I absolutely love church consignment sales, because you can really snag some great bargains on quality kids clothing, toys and more.  The sale is this Friday and Saturday in Dallas, Georgia.  See event information and get directions HERE.

Produce Bargain:

If you are looking for a great deal on produce, a local group gathers up produce from farmer’s markets in the area, and you can get a full bushel of fruits for only $15!!!  The amount of produce you get could easily cost you $35-$40 in the grocery store.  It’s called Farmer’s Market Baskets, and you can visit their website HERE Huckaby Fam got a basket this past week and you can see details on the bargain she got HERE.

Grain Bargains:

And if you are looking for a great deal on Wheat and Grains for flour and such, check out The Granary Store HERE.  You can get 60 lbs. of red wheat for only $45!!  That works out to be .75 cents per pound of wheat.  Of course, you have to grind it yourself.  Or, the granary store does also sell small 5 lb. bags, and they will grind the wheat for you if you like.  They also sell things like beans, honey, seeds, gluten, yeast and so much more.  The prices are very reasonable, and you get great healthy and natural products.

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  1. Thanks for the awesome tip. Live in the area and never knew of this service. always looking for ways to increase fresh into our diet and when it comes in the from of a “thrifty” deal all the better!!

  2. Thanks for mentioning the Hope Church consignment sale. I don’t attend church there, but I live right up the road and am selling a bunch of my baby things there this weekend. It is my first consignment sale and I am hoping it goes well!

  3. Thanks for the tips!!! I live in Acowrth, 5 min away from the farmers market baskets place and I never realized it was there! I called yesterday after work to see if they had any extras and they did!! I got a BUNCH of vegetables/fruit for $15. I was so excited!!
    Maybe I’ll drop by the consignment sale tomorrow (I’m at work right now)

    So there’s so many of us that live near by, we should have a couponing party or something!!

  4. I’ve been a member of the Farmer’s Market Baskets for over a year now. I think it is a great idea. We have been eating more fresh veggies and fruits every week while saving money at the same time. Thanks for featuring a great local, family-run business. It’s such a great bargain, I’ve recommended it to all my neighbors.

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