Lose Weight by Juicing: 5-Day Juice Cleanse

Lose Weight by Juicing: 5-Day Juice Cleanse

This is me. This is how far I’ve come. Five years ago I was a size 16. These days I go between a 4-6 depending on whether I shop for pants at Ann Taylor or Target. ;)

I didn’t do this with some crazy diet plan, or hardcore workout routine. I did this through changing my eating habits and getting more active. This included adding in more fruits and vegetables, whole grains, organic foods, and exercising on a regular basis. But my key to consistent weight-loss and keeping the weight off has been through juicing.

lose weight by juicing

The reason you lose weight by juicing? There are several reasons:

1. Juicing allows you to jam-pack tons of fruits and vegetables into your body very quickly. Just imagine trying to eat 10 leaves of kale…not a pretty thought, right? But juicing those leaves allows you to consume them quickly.

2. Juicing allows nutrients to go through your liver and quickly into the bloodstream…it happens in about 15 minutes. Your body is getting nutrients fast, and it can work more quickly to cleanse. You’re very quickly getting things like:

  • needed fluids for cells
  • energy
  • vitamins & minerals
  • enzymes

3. Juicing allows you to push out excess toxins. A lot of times we struggle with weight because our bodies are constantly dealing with toxins. Once we can effectively remove those toxins, our bodies can be more effective in maintaining a healthy weight.

How do you begin juicing for weight-loss?

Step One: Get a good juicer. Check out these recommendations for best juicers.

Step Two: Begin gradually. One of the things I learned in the beginning was that it was better to gradually move into juicing vs. just jumping right into a cleanse. Start out by having one juice a day. And if you’re a coffee-junkie, it’s best to start removing that from your routine as quickly as possible, or you will have caffeine withdrawals when you begin a juice cleanse.

Step Three: Make sure you are staying active on a regular basis. Regular walking, aerobic exercise and  strength-training are keys to really maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle.

Step Four: Continuing education and support are must-haves! We have a group of Juicers in our forum ready to support you!

Step Five: When you’re ready, begin a juice cleanse. Juice cleanses can be as little as 3-days to 30 days or more! However, juicing should never substitute long-term for a balanced diet of nutritious and sold foods.

Step Six: Add fresh juices into your diet on a daily basis to consistently get much-needed nutrients.

Ready to get started? Our Juicing Club is starting a 5-day juice cleanse. You ready to change your life? Let’s do it together!

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