Why I Love Coconut Oil


I mentioned Coconut Oil in a post yesterday, and have had a little bit of interest in it.  Let me elaborate on the uses and benefits of Coconut Oil.


Baking/Cooking – use it for anything you would use oil or butter for

Toast – spread it on toast like it is butter (we actually had peanut butter and coconut oil sadwiches yesterday).

Skin Moisturizer – It’s great for the entire body, including your face.

Natural Sunscreen – I have yet to really study this use in length, but many indiginous people use it as a sunscreen.  If you are ever stranded on an island, it is recommended that you use the coconut oils as a sunscreen.


Coconut oil has anti-viral and anti-bacterial effects.  Some studies have shown it to help with HIV/AIDS, Diabetes, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Chrohn’s Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other Digestive Issues, Thyroid problems, High Cholesterol, Candida and Yeast, and the list goes on. Read more on this HERE.

It is one of my favorite things, and it so good for our bodies.  Do you use Coconut oil?  I know my readers would love to hear any testimonies about it, so please feel free to share!

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  1. I bought coconut oil a few weeks ago at the Dekalb Farmer’s Market. I love it! It’s easy to use and it gives your food a better flavor. :)

  2. I have fibro, IBS, and hypothyroid so I would love to get some of this. I’m just not sure where to get it around here. Do you think I could find it in the organic section at a regular grocery store? Or do you order it somewhere?? We have no farmers markets up here :(. I could make a special trip to Whole Foods, but that’s not really close either. Thanks!

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    • Yes! It is in with the cooking oils in the natural/organic section. You can also order online if you wish. it’s available everywhere.

  3. I have been using coconut oil for about a year now on my face as a face wash. I do not get blemishes anymore and my skin tone is very even and no longer blotchy. I used this when I started reading on the Oil Cleansing Method. All I do is grab a few fingertips full and massage it into my face for a few minutes each night. Then I wash off several times with a wet rag in steamy hot water. Make sure all oil is off around your hairline and chinline. Works great!!!! I bought a gallon bucket online for $30 and have only gone through about 1/4th of it so far. Good stuff!! I use as moisturizer too on my babies (2 and 10mo) as well as on myself.

  4. Thanks so much for blogging more about this! I saw it at my local grocery store a month or so ago and wondered how it could be used. Love your blog!

    Jen in Indiana

  5. I just thought I’d share my 2 cents. My son is actually allergic to coconut. He’s 3 and we just found this out recently. He has no other allergies. He had a problem with eczema since he was just a baby and it took 3 years to figure out the source because most doctors don’t believe eczema is allergy related. Long story short…coconut is a rare allergy that doctors are just beginning to test for. We were told it is now what corn and wheat were 20-30 years ago, meaning it’s the new up and coming allergy. Actually, half of the allergy patients our doctor sees test positive for coconut allergy. It is in just about every skin related product out there (soap, lotion, etc., anything beginning with “coco”). His problem originally started through baby formula. Surprisingly, it is one of the main ingredients in all (but hypoallergenic) baby formulas! Crazy. Anyway, just a head’s up in case anyone has any sort of reaction they can’t figure out the cause of.

  6. skin cancers are more likely related to the large distortion most people have in their omega-6 to omega-3 fat ratio.

  7. Virgin coconut oil has been found to have a lot of health benefits. People in Asia have been using this for years as a healthy food source as well as a cure for various ailments and illnesses. Glad to know that more people are learning about the health benefits of coconut oil.

  8. It makes the best fried chicken! Yummy and so tasty! Also grease your baking pan with coconut oil, add sliced raw vegetables, drizzle over with oil again, add some seasonings(salt, garlic, and pepper), and roast in oven at 375 til done (about 1/2 hour)! This is a simple, yet delicious side dish

  9. When cooking/baking with the coconut oil, does everything have the flavor of coconut?

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